Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Councilmember Mowrey's Grandchild Being Stolen By The System

When an Eastern WA City Councilmember contacted me several months ago I learned that her 3 year-old, blond, non-drug affected granddaughter had been taken from her by the state. She was told if she did not give up the 3 year-old that they would take the 11 year-old granddaughter also.

CPS started this but they could not finish it. Once the system is engaged all parts of it are moving in to take the child.

Councilmember Mowery writes a long report of yesterday's actions I will post it in parts:

Part 1

Dear Colleagues,

As you are probably aware, after a long day, Judge Baker denied that Angelina be placed with her sister and me. The AAG, Lisa Lyndon, Social worker, Crystal Wiss, Mrs. Elmore, mom of Angelina, Kris Randall, area supervisor, Connie Lambert Eckel, Region 1 director, Terry Williams, attorney for the father, Rebecca Coufal, attorney for the mother, testified in support of Angelina's placement with family, as did many others in support of Angelina, my granddaughter, coming home.

CASA, Dennis Wright, brought up "thirty-year ago" alleged marijuana use by my ex husband, deceased twenty (20) years, and found a witness of thirty years ago, (not present) who lied, allegedly stating that said ex husband and I left marijuana at her home, for safe keeping, while we went on a trip to work "out of state."

In addition, that I had stated to Cheryl Grimm, social worker that caused most of the problems, that I believed Angelina was being "poisoned" while at the department; that I had sent her to the foster to adopt home with clothing that was too large for her; had complained too many times that visitations were upsetting her, and stated that she was sick during "every" visit to the department last winter. So many lies were being told; we could not keep up! Also, foster mom stated that Angelina, at age fourteen (14) months, could not eat solid foods, i.e. cheerios...later Attorney, Rebecca Coufal asked Dennis Wright, CASA, if he remembered Angelina eating Cheerios while at the department during previous visitations; he said, "yes, Angelina ate Cheerios." The foster to adopt mom had lied in court. Does this mean that she lies all the time?

I had filed documentation from the prior foster home assessments stating that Angelina had problems while in their home. I only asked the social workers to allow Angelina to eat the same foods that I sent to the department, and to have time off when she was ill during extremely cold weather conditions.

Judge Baker and CASA stated that I had "used" powers that be, in the state to help me, which in her opinion, was not acceptable. That I had used my position as a councilmember to gain standing, and that it made no difference to the court. (Who said it made a difference?)

The AAG stated that I have a clean record, am a licensed foster parent, have raised a granddaughter for ten (10) years with no complaints/concerns; have a nice home; that Angelina was in great health at home with us; that I had only one way to defend myself in stating that my grown children had lied about any alleged drug use thirty (30) years ago and that was to state those lies as such. Yes, when Angelina came to our home, my grown children were called, told lies by Cheryl Grimm, and they retaliated. I may never get them to admit wrong doing. Yes, they were very upset! This is the "ancient history" mentioned in court records (third party intervention).

Judge Baker realized, by testimony from Terry Williams, attorney for the father, that my oldest granddaughter had been included as a party for the psych evaluation that was ordered by the social workers, Cheryl Grimm, Angelina Newport and Becky Barry.

Mr. Williams, father's attorney, and Rebecca Coufal, mother's attorney, stated that I had asked for two (2) weeks per foster agreement in order to locate an attorney so that I might have representation (while in the FTDM that took Angelina), and that was the reason in which I chose to do my own psych evaluation. Also stated, that Dr. Ashworth was employed by DSHS, and had worked for the state in the past. No one was sure.

Judge Baker stated that my current psych evaluation exhibited deceit, although the AAG stated that the word "deceit" was not used in any part of the report. Judge Baker again stated that my daughter's drug abuse problem stemmed from my past use of illegal drugs, (30) years ago, all hearsay and lies. Judge Baker stated that Angelina is very happy in the foster to adopt home, and should remain there. That reunification with mom is possible, but that a permanency plan hearing will take place on the 23rd, of this month, I believe? Also, that adoption is the primary goal. CASA mentioned "amount of time, "adoption" was included in the ISSP's but had never been accomplished.

CPS has set in motion a system geared to take children. It is almost impossible to get a child out of the system if the child/children are desirable to someone on the outside. North Eastern Washington is known for having "sitting duck" children. They are easy to take.


Anonymous said...

This case is a perfect example of what is going on with a lot of us. The lies and deceit on the side of CPS. But the Judges? How in the world do they benefit by ripping a family apart? Do any of us have a chance? When our case first started, I was totally dumbfounded by the lack of compassion of the caseworker at the time. In all my life, I had never met anyone who just flat out didn`t care about human emotion. Now, these cases are so common, it makes me wonder what type of a life growing up that people like that may have had. And, do they think the kids will stay little forever? Eventually they will know the truth behind their kidnapping. I am confused why Secretary Dreyfus can`t MAKE cps do the right thing and get some of these kids home. Overall, I think with the amount of children in the system, the percentage of cases like ours is low. If an example isn`t set, it won`t stop happening.

Anonymous said...

I am a grown-up Angelina. I have MEMORIES of BEFORE I WAS TWO YEARS OLD. People are awe-struck that I can remember that far back. I tell them the reason is because I was ripped away from my parents that I loved with all my heart. I hung onto their memories every day of my life. I was thrown into foster care and eventually adopted and was miserable because I couldn't bond with anyone, but them. When I was old enough, I tried to find them, but the records were archived. I hope I meet them in heaven one day to thank them and tell them their love has been with me my whole life.

The courts claim to do what's BEST for the children. However, the truth is "Where's the MONEY?". Foster parents are in it for the money; adoptive parents are in it for the money; the State is also in it for the money. Children become a commodity.

Counselors have said I'm a walking miracle, and it's all because I never forgot what love was because of my loving parents.

Anonymous said...

CPS is not corrupt they are in reality a goverment sanctioned child traffiking ring modern day slave trafers...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your courage in telling your story. More stories like this one need be told. The system in Washington State should hear the grown up stories, telling them what they are doing to children by taking them from loving homes and families.

Councilwoman Mowrey

Anonymous said...

I agree that CPS (at least in Colville) is a child trafficking organization for profit. I know Barbra and her plight. The corruptness up there in the court, the government, CPS, Sheriff's office, CASA, judges, the attorney's, the whole damn thing is beyond belief. You could make a movie out of this case! I thought living in a big city was tough, we have nothing on this small community of Colville.

I would love to put my name to this but knowing how the vengeful tentacles of revenge can be manipulated through multiple channels, I will remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

We are in a very similar situation for a year now. A relative in Ferry County had a child removed, without due cause and the CPS office refused to place this child in any family member's care. Policy, procedure, and law were and continue to be completely disregarded. Despite mountains of evidence that we and five other family households would provide a healthy, stable, happy, environment for the child. The caseworkers and supervisors simply told us they "did not trust us" because we did not live in the same county. The parents of the child also did not live in that county permanently, she was removed while they were on a short term stay looking for work. It is a kangaroo court that is so corrupt it is despicable. The staff's conduct is inconsistent, illegal, and unprofessional. The caseworker laughed at us after a hearing for temporary custody in which no reasons were given that we could not have custody. She told us that if she were in our situation she would "blow the office up and steal [her] grandchildren back." It is unbelievable that there is no legal recourse for families of these children and no competent advocates for parents. The CASA workers, Caseworkers, Supervisors, Law Enforcement, and Courts are all in bed together.

Anonymous said...

I am so amazed to see how many lives cps has destroyed by taking away children from their parents. My two daughters were taken based off of here say they didn't even do a investigation. The person that got my children taken from me happen to also be friends with Mrs. Grimm and she is also the person that molested my older daughter. The gaurdian ad litem even stated that my daughter should remain with me because the person was engaging in inappropriate sexual behaviors with my daughter. the judge ignored it and put her with her any way. Another incident occurred with my brother. they took his kid to for no good reason. when is this going to end? why isn't any body doing any thing about cps and all of the lies and deceit they do.