Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pam Roach Travels To Guatamala-Honduras Boarder

(It's true. In two days I have gone from the freeze in northern Alberta to the heat of Honduras.)

I am here in Puerto Cortez, Honduras visiting Heart to Heart, an NGO that I sometimes help through my own non-profit aimed at helping kids in Honduras.

Two American teachers were running up against their three month stay limit and needed to leave the country in order to come back in and start the three month visa over again.

We hit the road for Belize by way of Guatemala. I have done Central American boarder crossings by motor vehicle before. You get out of your car and take your passport to the check in place. The migration officer stamps your passport. There are many armed officers present. On the way back into Honduras you will have to pay a fee....believe it or not.

In the office where we were taken there was a large poster of a man described as a trafficker of children. He stole children for the sex trade. He moves them across boarders. A two by four foot banner described the trafficking crimes now so prevalent. My Spanish is good enough to have been sickened by this. I can tell you that it would be extremely easy to steal children here. Not only are they taken for sex slaves but also for body parts.

We drove over seven inch diameter rope laid out to slow traffic. A man without legs sat in a wheelchair and I thought how different it was thT a man like this would have a wheelchair as so many do not. I have seen many who move their bodies upon pieces of cardboard using their hands and arms to scoot across the busy roads.

As it turned out, Guatemala was far enough and the teachers did not have to go to Belize. That was a good thing as the weather was stormy today and it would have beebread unsafe to take the 12 ft. Launch to Belize. I always remember the boarder crossings.This is the one that put a face to the crime of trafficking children.

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