Tuesday, November 29, 2011

San Pedro Sula, A Factory, And Growing Fears

I left the coast and all the kids at the orphanage and went to San Pedro Sula to visit good friends and a factory.

I began to become very aware of the growing dangers in Honduras. Since part of my trip has been to prepare for a trade mission I have not wanted to write too much about the fears here. But, I must. People I love here are living in fear. (I will write without using names or identifying information as I can.)

This is a factory owned by a family that built the business from the ground up. The owner's wife gave me a beautiful tray that she had hand made. She stays at home except for her bodyguard driven trips to work each day. So she has time for hobbies.

When I arrived at the factory there were the ubiquitous armed guards at the gate. My friend had been shot in her home. She survived so now has guards at her home...which is in a gated neighborhood with an armed guard at the entrance. The last time I visited the gate guard had not yet been hired. Everyone in the neighborhood fears that their cars will be stopped and their children taken for ransom.

From the house next door, I have taken a picture from my downstairs bedroom window. Bars are on all the windows. Outside you can see the razor wire on the fence. There is an electronic gate in front of the house. You do not get out of the car until you are within the gate.

I have kept up on Honduras politics. So, it was exciting while driving in San Pedro Sula to notice the lone helicopter in the air. President Pepe Lobo was in town. I lost the great pic of the helicopter but have it somewhere. The helicopter landed in a field and a long third world motorcade complete with 25 year-old ambulance left for a meeting we were told by the guards. Everything went very fast...armed guards...Pepe Lobo was in sight. I will meet him on my next visit. In this picture they are closing the gaate after he left. I was not quick w=with the camera! Sorry.

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