Monday, November 14, 2011

Pam Roach Visits Port In Puerto Cortez, Dinner With Mayor

It is warm just outside our door but I am actually cold. It turns out that the one thing that does consistently work is the air conditioner!

With a letter from the Honduran Consul in hand, my friends and I set out to tour the second largest port in the Caribbean, Puerto Cortez, Honduras. It's yearly trade volume is just shy of what is turned in Miami!

We ascended three flights of stairs to the superintendent's office where a well used power point helped the CFO present the amazing status and vision of the Honduran ports. The superintendent, a former admiral in the HN navy, was a wonderful host though not as versed in English.

Pam and the port superintendent very proud of new plans

One of many ships in port

My purpose in visiting was to learn more about the economic potential here. I was not disappointed. Near San Lorenzo, in the south, there are new iron ore reserves that are now being shipped to China. (The United States does not make steal any don't feel slighted we are not the buyer.) We learned of the new highways that are planned across the country and the development planned for each of the ports

Later in the day I visited the mayor of Omoa. A TV camera was filming the entire meeting. The mayor used my friend, Oscar, as an interpreter but speaks very good English as I learned over the dinner he hosted. He learned several languages as a waiter on a cruise ship.

The mayor will be taking delivery of a used fire truck from Arkansas later this month. Right now the town has no fire department! Fortunately, the Flamingo Hotel where we are staying is right on the water. Because, we can all take a flying leap into the sea if needed.

Pam and the mayor of Omoa had dinner at the Flamingo with staff.

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