Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hotel Flamingo

The Flamingo Hotel is on the edge of the Carribean nestled in a cove where pirates used to hide from the British. For those of you who missed it in high school geography, Belize was once British Honduras. They speak English there and we are just a one hour boat ride away. This area was the centuries old inspiration for Jack Sparrow!

Tonight I hear the locals out on the water. There is a base player somewhere near. The waves lap the shore with regularity.

We have water tonight in the second story rooms which are over the restaurant and bar. We had only trickles the first night so one improvises with bottled water. At the children's village this afternoon, the cooks worked in the dark until the power resumed. Life goes on in this tropical country. But, near the sea it moves slowly.

For this part of my trip I am with a group of five others. I am sharing a room with a young married woman who seems on a last adventure before parentage. So far, I am the only one who knows that.

Tomorrow is a work day. I hope to tour the port, something that was set up for me by the Honduran consul in San Francisco. I met with him a few weeks ago when he was in Federal Way. But, right now, I am on the second story veranda..warm and pleased at the events of the day.

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