Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday At "Heart To Heart" Orphanage...Honduras

The kids loved my IPad. At one point there were 13 kids crowded around to watch and play Ninja Fruit Slicer. Everyone got two turns.

All of the children at the WA State based NGO are kids who where once hungry, abused, unwanted, deathly sick or all of the above. They are not unique. There are tens of thousands of these kids. The public schools here are very inadequate and the teachers are constantly on strike. It is impossible to get out of this situation without action on the part of good people like those at HTH.

Tegucigalpita is a village outside of Puerto Cortez. In less than 10 years Heart to Heart, under the leadership of Carson, WA resident Mary Frenter, has built a school and home for 80 of these kids of all ages. Five have significant earning disabilities.

Teachers Gary and Ashley are working here without pay. A retired USAF colonel, Gary now teaches computer science and shop. Ashley teaches the younger kids with help from some locals. They sold their home and most of their possessions and came to HTH to help these kids. They receive only a place to live and meals. And, the satisfaction that they are doing God's will. Successes at HTH are all in the God column.

God has greater sight than government, apparently.

Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America. We share the continent with the people here. They are our neighbors. We draw millions of tons of illegal drugs through this once peaceful democracy. The influx of illegal drugs and money to be made has destabilized the tranquility. Mixing intense poverty, lack of education (hope, really), and benign neglect by the Christian nation from the north has only made a bad situation worse.

Heart to Heart is an example of what Americans can do. There are 2,000 NGOs here. Few have any government grants. The sectarian and religious based non profits here are what offer the little hope that is here. The educated Hondurans are very glad to see us. They can not do it all....and we are not doing enough.

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