Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snowed In And Other Quirks Of Nature

It snowed heavily last night.

Our farm house is on a hillside above the pasture. I remember one time when I attempted to go down the hill when the snow and ice covered the long steep driveway. The pump house had been leaking water so under the snow there was a sheet of ice. It took two tow trucks to get the car off the side of the hill. :o)

Second to that in exciting descents was many winters ago. I was in my '97 Gran Prix STP, super charged, 240 hp fun car. Captain John was about 18 when he picked it out on the showroom floor. Yeah, it was an impulse buy :o) But, I am good at executive decisions :o) I know John was only thinking of me.

There was no snow. I pulled the Pontiac out of the yard onto the driveway...when about half way down I thought I saw the under belly of a snake shimmying up into the dashboard by the steering wheel...three inches from my nyloned leg!

Maybe it was a rat! In any event I got onto the Green Valley Road when the fat mouse ran across the top of the dash, full length, left to right. I just kept on driving.

Maybe this will give my political enemies a little more insight.

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