Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reader Writes...Correct On CPS

Dear Madame Senator,

Families first is the law..Period.

Many clients have called to say that finally their children are being placed with relatives. Some 3 and 4 years after the fact.

Then you have social workers that are so resistant to placing with family. The case of which I speak was on your blog sometime in October?? The department has now requested a settlement conference.

They have spent thousands with legal representation. They have an ICPC in place that had to be court ordered after the social worker told the judge that it had already been done..They got Oregon on the phone..and guess what? It had not been done and the social worker through the AG's office just lied. HMMM..if that were you or I what do you think would happen?? Perhaps some jail time?? You know as well as I do that the truth will always reveal herself. Sometimes not so kindly. Whatever it takes.

This department is not only ruining today's families they are destroying our future. They are the abusers.

Until the culture is changed there will not be change. Until you have an equal playing field there will be no change.

What say you?


Dear Respectfully. I agree with you. I am sure the department does some good things. But, your observations are correct. In the cases that I have studied closely...this is exactly what happens. Only, the children do not always go home.

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