Friday, February 18, 2011

CPS In The 2011 Session

Yesterday Senator Maralyn Chase (D) and I met with Senator Debbie Regala (D) for the second time on issues pertaining to the budget and Child Protective Services.

Senators were asked by Senate Ways and Means Chair Ed Murray to step forward if they were interested in working on any particular part of the budget. We were given general categories from which to chose. One dealt with social services. I checked that and then put CPS in the margin.

Murray's idea was a good one. But the test of that will be in seeing what becomes of the suggestions.

Regala was chosen by Murray to meet with the only two who stepped forward on this area of the budget....Chase and Roach. We independently gravitated to this area.

I signed up because I know we can do a better job with less money!

Chase is a liberal Democrat who moved up from the House in the '10 election. I am a conservative Republican. As far as I can tell, we are in 100% agreement on CPS issues.

Chase came to her realizations the same way I did. We worked for our constituents and discovered horror stories! ...damaged families and accountability...etc. The stories we have are the same except the names are different.

Much has been covered. Stop the lying in the court rooms...get a system of accountability in place...give grandparents standing in the courts (that alone would save millions and millions though protectors of the system will argue otherwise. There is more, of course.


Anonymous said...

"give grandparents standing in the courts"... Thank you! My life is ruined because of the lies presented in family court about me. As a grandma I was not even granted the opportunity to even defend myself!

Anonymous said...

As a family living through the nightmare,how do we help you?