Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Grows Up...Or...Headline News Reduced to Soapbox Central

I really don't know anyone who can believe the verdict in the case against Casey Anthony. Anthony's case will go down with OJ's in the textbooks.

What would the results be if the national media spent that much time on how the government can lie in the court rooms about grandparents and then steal babies from entire biological families!? In WA State it happens all the time only on the word and lies from CPS workers.

In any event...Jose Biaz and eight others of the defense team will go down in history and have all the royalties book sales can produce and the speaking circuit will bear.

Casey will put her black hair back down on her shoulders and go back to whatever she was doing. Except now she can do all that with her pockets lined with the money that will come her way.

Hey, I wonder if OJ's friends have run out of money and patience. Maybe OJ, also in Florida, would like to date Casey? That would be justice!

I would think Casey would have this all forgotten in about three weeks...but the book deals and few selected media print articles...will keep the incidents in her mind for a while.

Mr. and Mrs Anthony will soon divorce. There is no way out of that.

What I liked about the case was that there was a clear opportunity to have your day in court and with representation. That doesn't happen in legislative bodies. You never meet your accusers or have a chance at going before impartial people or anyone for that matter. They call that a Star Chamber and it is used to publicly and politically skewer someone with the aim of taking them out of office. Rather ironic that individuals charged with securing our rights should deny such rights to their members.

The national news media had plenty of stuff more worthy to broadcast than the Anthony trial. It was all about selling ad time and making a good time for themselves. And, oh yes...they did enjoy the excitement of the coverage. CNN and FOX and particularly Nancy Grace reduced Headline News to Soapbox Central, or, Comedy Central as prison inmates are laughing right now.

Can you believe how the media, almost 100%, miscalculated the whole thing? For them it is a fitting end. Maybe they are the ones who got justice. They worked the American public up into a frenzy and then crashed. This was the penalty for wasting this much time on this story.

Excuse me...I gotta go mow the lawn with 10 million other people.


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I was told once that it is OK to kill a child, you just can't spank them. I guess it must be true.