Friday, July 15, 2011

Stuck In Colder Weather

My backyard fundraiser in July 2010. The temperature was around 92 degrees. To my right are Dino Rossi and Rob McKenna. I thought I would document a nice July day in WA for us all to remember.

One thing I did not mention at the time was the near death experience that day. I was driving the jeep across our pasture which was being used as a parking lot for the backyard picnic. The pasture is bisected by a hot wire fence with pasture grass growing up underneath it. To get the property ready for the event I had a guy weed eating under the fence line but he ran out of time and only got about 10 feet to the right of the gate in the middle. I was driving a band member up to the party and having a great time rolling over the pasture grass as only a jeep can do. Accustomed to the grass along the fence line as defining actually WHERE the fence was...I didn't see the fence and thought I was headed for the open gate. Let me fetch a picture of what happened! (picture to come)

Bonney Lake Watershed Tour
Saturday, July 9th, I attended a tour of Bonney Lake's watershed. Dan Roach also attended. Four of my grand kids came along to learn with us. We were welcomed by so many locals who opened their property for us to learn about the habitat recovery efforts.
8 Mile Hike
I have been getting ready for a long hike so Sunday I walked from the farm to Enumclaw. There was a one mile hill involved and went a little over 8 miles. It was a beautiful day for a hike. ( I think it was the only day this month thus far.)

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