Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DSHS Employee Admits To Voyeurism

It takes one to know one, as the old saying points out. So you gota appreciate the KING 5 headline:
DSHS youth sex offender counselor arrested for voyeurism.

Drew Mikkelsen, KING 5
TUMWATER, Wash. -- An Olympia man who works with juvenile sex offenders faces a sex-related criminal charge.

Tumwater police said Joshua Allen Black, 32, admitted he took pictures up a woman's skirt in a grocery store parking lot Thursday night. He did not know the woman.

Black is in the Thurston County Jail on one charge of voyeurism.

He has worked for the Department of Social and Human Services since 2002 working as a youth counselor. Some of his clients are serving time for sex offenses.

Investigators say he told them, "Okay, I did it."

The accuser, who did not want her name published, said she was surprised someone would take her picture like that but said it was more surprising to learn what the man did for a living.

“It’s a shame someone people look up to actually went and did what he advises people against,” said the 21-year-old accuser. (edited for space. PR)

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Anonymous said...

So does that mean he will get a promotion? That is usually what happens in Thurston...