Monday, July 11, 2011

A Visit With Mitt Romney

Romney In Washington State
This evening I attended a fundraiser for Mitt Romney in Medina. Some of the biggest Republican donors in WA politics were in attendance. In the last quarter Romney brought in more funds than all his opponents combined! And, yes, Obama will raise one billion dollars.

Romney is the only viable business person in the race having spent 25 years running Bain Consulting.

He gave a speech that covered the economy and foreign relations. I asked him about Cyber defense.

In my conversation with Mitt it told him I would be attending the FOX News Iowa debate and straw poll. I asked if he would be participating in that and he said he would. Then added: "Be sure to cheer when I say something smart." I thought that was insight into his personality. He would rather be viewed as smart than be viewed as someone who just wanted to be saying the right things.

I was on the Romney Steering Committee in '08 and will support him again.

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Anonymous said...

I still read your blogs. I have a question; do you happen to know what Mr. Romney's views are on CPS. Do you believe he understands all the pain and trauma that families have endured because of this agency in their life. What about all of their wrongdoings; at least, would he support monetary settlements and give an apology to all the families who haven't made it into a courtroom and how could he accomplish this. That really is what I would like to hear from a candidate running for office more than anything. How can he make things right so that families can move on in their lives? For some families, it is now going on over twenty years where families have been separated; how can he help? Do you know if he has any thoughts on this subject?