Friday, August 12, 2011

Jessie Jackson Here

The NFWL group is bipartisan. So...while some of us are doing the Republican things the Democrats are being visited by the liberal.

Jessie Jackson is here in the small Marriott Lounge where I am using the computer. He is using this as a meeting place for his followers. His staff has been here all day. It is a private place to hang out.

Of note is that his staff was overheard saying that they didn't really care if Obama was reelected or not.

Also of note is that Jackson started this meeting with prayer. I like that, actually. Right after that the Tea Party was identified as a problem. No, the Tea Party was not in the prayer!

Workers rights and HIV are important issues to Jackson. He is stressing four C's: Communication, Connection, Coordination, and Content within the 8 member political gathering taking place. Jackson regards Iowa as a "hot potato" and is promoting participation in the caucuses. (If you want privacy, Jessie, rent a room.) He will speak to the assembly tonight.

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