Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Honduran Friends Shot

The Guardados were here last Halloween. The good doctor, you may remember, is also the mayor of a town in Honduras. A month after returning to Honduras his clinic and car were sprayed with bullets! There were rumors that the former chief of police had put out a hit on Dr. Guardado. The doctor had called for the resignation of all law enforcement when he took office. He rehired only those that he felt were not corrupt.

A body guard was hired.

The doctor changed cars with his wife who needed the family pickup to get an air conditioner for an orphanage.

Jessie had Sophia in the truck with her. The bodyguard was riding in the back. Jessie pulled up to the store and went inside with Sophia, leaving the guard outside. Then two other trucks pulled up and three armed men jumped from each of the vehicles and opened fire. The bodyguard was killed.

Sophia was shot in the back and grazed in the head. Jessie was shot in the back with a flesh wound. It was a miracle that both survived. Jessie thought Sophia, on the ground, bleeding, and not moving...had been killed. They were taken to the hospital in La Cieba and survived. Sophia has no memory of what happened.

Turns out it wasn't the former police chief. More on the story when the bad guys are caught.

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Anonymous said...

Madame Senator,

So happy everyone is still alive. Keep us posted on the story. I am happy I live in the USA.