Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Activist Dave Wood Tells How To Save Money!

Dave Wood in an email to his legislator sends a message that should be sent to all legislators. There are ways to cut the budget and get better service.

From: Dave Wood
Subject: Need money Kathy?
To: (the legislator)
Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 2:53 PM

Your interview on TVW said early childhood education needs the $14 million cut by the governor plus $20 million more. How about consolidating some of the 46 CPS offices around the state? The taxpayers don't need that many.

Some of us think we would be better off with none, counting on
all the sheriffs and local police agencies to protect
children like they have to protect all the rest of us.

As the sheriff of Pierce County observed after a deadly foul-up by CPS, why would anyone call CPS to report child abuse? It's criminal. Call 911.

You could lead the way. "Sacrifice" your own Shelton office of DCFS. Defund it in the budget and let south Mason be served out of Olympia and North Mason "served" out of Bremerton. That's in quotes because the Bremerton office is so bad it really should be closed, too.

I believe Sheriff Steve Boyer of Kitsap County would attest to that fact. Our Washington Families United board treasurer, Mike _____, a Shelton realtor with ___________________ and his family are victims of Shelton CPS/CWS (DCFS). He and many others would support its closure.


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