Thursday, May 14, 2009

Washington's Foster Child, Poca, On National Television

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope you fight for POCA. News yesterday stated they are going to terminate both parents but YET LET the child stay with FRIENDS of the family and NOT allow her to go home to foster parents. I am appauled at this..saddened at this but most of angry that a system that is suppose to care for our beloved, innocent children are hurt at the hands of this system. This child needs to go HOME. KING 5 stated that DCS has not responded to WHY they would allow POCA to be put in harms way by keeping her close to 2 TERMINATED PARENTS. They are subjecting her to DANGER even today. Please step in, I do not know these people, I live across the country from you but read your profile. You have children/grandchildren. You know the unconditional love children have. Bonding is so critical to them. Allow this child of knowing what it feels like to be loved by 2 loving parents.

Darlene Pitts