Monday, May 11, 2009

Open Governmenat Has ALWAYS Been The Best For The Citizens To Whom Government Is Responsible

Reader Writes:

"The State cannot say how many foster children die each year, even though a state law that took effect in 2004 requires counties to release the names, dates of birth, and dates of death for these children. The new law is not being followed by all. There's no way to get more information without going to the courts. It's extraordinarily difficult for the public to learn who in the system is dying and why. There is absolutely no reason why an advocacy group, a newspaper, an elected official, or any other concerned member of the public should have to go to court to find out what happened when a foster youth dies. The Department of Social Services keeps all names confidential. Imagine -- our state's most vulnerable children, betrayed by a state system that was supposed to protect them -- and we have no idea who they are."

As a member of the State's "Public Records Exemptions Accountability Committee," known as the "Sunshine Committee," along with most committee members I have advocated for public accountability that can ONLY come with public scrutiny. And, of course, without openness we can not have review. This is not a difficult concept except when there are those in government who fight against openness. They actually believe they are superior and should be making all the calls when it comes to children. They fight to keep the system closed. They want their significant powers in tact. In America, this is more than misplaced judgement.


Anonymous said...

Did you read this Pam?!

infinite freedom said...

The children are victims of our state government. And children and their families talking is the only chance we have.

This government will not stop hurting our youth. They are too good at it already.

Speak to the victims. Let them tell their stories. Show the citizens of Washington State what is really going on here!!

Anonymous said...

Here Here!!

Lovingfitfather said...

Our Politicians the Court, the Judge, the Attorney General, the Court Appointed Special Advocate or Guardian Ad Litem, the Public Defender, the Children's Administration, the Department of Social and Health Services, the Department of Children and Family Services, Child Welfare Services, Child Protective Services, the Area Administrator, the Supervisor, the Case Worker, the Office of Children's and Families Ombudsman, the Supervised visitation Agency and their Visitation Supervisors, the Visitation Center Employees, the Contracted Service Providers, Licensed Foster Agencies, Foster Parents and even the press are all cognizant of the fraud, perjury, and forgery used to deprive these children from their parents and families. These parties claim "Best Interest of Child" knowing full well that these children are doomed to be the walking wounded, eighty percent of them will fail in life, they constitute an an inordinately large proportion of our homeless, Our mentally ill, the drug, alcohol and substance addicted, and the incarcerated. They become cradle to grave institutionalized. And the parents and families! what becomes of them? Someone please stop America's holocaust. My child is among its victims. All parties know succinctly where most of these children belong and that is home with their families!
AKA Lovingfitfather AKA Not4playn