Monday, May 4, 2009

Comment From Reader Sums Up A Large Part Of The Problem

Please see this WA State Supreme Court case heard last June the outcome of which addresses part of this reader's concern: What happens when the parents jump though all the hoops? (I will insert a link later today to the TVW June case that has been referenced earlier in this blog.)



Thank you for trying to help get some light on CPS. They have destroyed my faith in our system completely... My step grandson is in CPS custody and has been since May 2, 2008. We go to court again May 5th but I don't see much hope. His mother has done everything they have asked her to do and they are still saying it could be another six months. Her little boy is 3 years old and wants to come home so bad but what can we do? CPS has no checks and balances. No one checks up on them. They can write anything in their reports, say anything, and swear under oath its true and unbiased. They lie so much and all for the "good of the child." I don't even think they know what is good for a child. They come up with the stupidest things to comment on...they are more worried about candy than the psychological damage they are causing the child. Our baby needs to come home before he is mentally damaged by CPS. How do we get him home without just having him kidnapped? I'm so afraid for him. The more I research this subject the more freaked out I get.

(Note: Your step grandchild is already damaged by this. No child can be ripped from parents without damage. The question is: "Would it have been worse for the child to leave him in the home?" And, "Was there another relative qualified (and not falsely vilified) for placement?" Was he in a dangerous situation?
If he was is a difficult situation... there certainly is more psychological damage that comes from wrenching a child from parents than trying to correct a situation such as paying a heating bill or removing the druggie parent. And, biological placement outside the home is the law...not something to be lied about so the department can avoid it. It is easier on the child than placement with strangers.)

Please know that I do have faith in many social workers. I have none in the system or the administrators and elected officials who allow and condone the illegal distribution of other people's children. We are witnessing another form of socialism. The government is just redistributing another kind of wealth. Let's put more effort into helping the kids that need it and protecting them from truly evil parents. They do exist.)

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Anonymous said...

I have spent the last 2 weeks fighting on a daily basis with a case worker and her supervisor over the custody of my oldest Granddaughter age 15 1/2. She was in Foster Care this summer for 28 days as were her 2 brothers and her sister.

I have the 6 & 7 year old with me now and she and her 13 old brother were in the care of their Aunt.

When the Aunt could no longer handle the upset teen she was mislead & convinced to return her to Foster Care (I beleive by the case worker). The rest of the family was not notified. There was no FTDM.

She was placed where she had been this summer. I was okay with that as it had been okay there and she could remain in the same school.

Until--I was informd they would arbitrarily be moving her to a place that would inhibit our visitations and would change her school just before the end of the year.

With the help of a wonderful GAL that was stopped.

With the threat of an impending move hanging over her head and the feeling her needs were not being listened to she acted out.

She did not return to Foster Care after school, had contacted me to pick her up **** long story short I made sure the Foster Mom new and agreed to pick her up and return her to the Foster home.

I was later instructed not to do so by the State and that they were turning her in as a run away. They said I should not inconvenience myself and that she should be left on the street to learn a lesson.

I had a very loud conversation with them and picked her up anyway returning her to Foster Care.

As a result my visitation was threatened. (We were in the process of putting her in my care)

When I called to see who was transporting her to court, I was told she did not need to be there.

The GAL and our Attorney nipped that in the bud***we went to court*** she was there and now resides with me.

Moral of the story! As Doug Stuth said. Never give up. Don't be quiet!

The attempt to tromp all over her rights was stopped because I would not be shooshed and I sought the help of the GAL. Having a great Attorney helps as well!

I wanted to add the Social workers names here but I won't. I will privately provide that information with further details to the Senators office.