Thursday, May 14, 2009

Poca On TODAY SHOW...7AM Today...And, Gov. Gregoire Asks For A Review Of Poca's Case

Governor Christine Gregoire has ordered a third party investigation on the removal of little Poca from the Langley family. Poca had medical needs when she was given at birth to the Langleys who have raised her for four years. THE BIOLOGICAL FAMILY CAN NOT TAKE THE CHILD. NO ONE IS QUALIFIED. THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE.

The state moved in and took Poca...screaming...from the only family she has known. Why? Because they could. It was an exertion of their power over the foster family that CPS decided was too demanding of the system.

The free press has moved the mountain!

Today, the TODAY SHOW is airing the story that first aired on KING5 (please see previous PRR or Snohomish County to the studios of New York!!!!


strawberryblonde said...

Thank God to you and Susannah Frame and to the producers at King 5 for allowing the story to air.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a lot of this story not heard. The bio side for beginers.
Hopefully all this jumbled mess will be sorted out. My opinion was Ms. Langley looked a little stressed that there is going to be an indepentant investigatio. Also I thought there was some side stepping body language
Just my opinion!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for keeping lit the lamp of hope that even in these times of hardships we are now able to keep faith in the guardianship by our entrusted to some pretty fundamental and otherwise regarded self-evident truths.

(Bingen WA)

strawberryblonde said...

Watch King 5 tonight at 11pm for the next Investigative report by Susannah Frame.

Lovingfitfather said...

Here is what has never reliably been done.
No one has ever held CPS accountable for wrongfully terminating parents. This is the only predictable and preventable child abuse.
I agree with you about child abuse it happens and it also happens that it is largly not preventable.
Who can predict or prevent from ocurring when as in Florida recently a boyfriend of the mother threw the child out of the car on the freeway.
Who can predict or prevent what happened in California yesterday a father on PCP ate his childs eyeballs out.
Who can likewise predict or prevent simular occurances from happening in foster care. THE ANSWER IS NO ONE.
So now we are left with statistics showing that child maltreatment and death occurs more often in CPS/Foster care.
I am not saying that Foster Care is not a resonable resource either.
What I am saying is stop contriving dependancy cases. Stop the perjury,fraud and forgery rampant in family law court.
If you can present credidable evidence of ongoing neglect or abuse or criminal convictions of such then yes foster or adopt options should be considered.
The way it stands now the cure is worse than the disease.
If you cannot achieve at least integrity in Child Welfare you will only end up destroying the entirety of society IE BIO'S, Fosters, and the Children.

Anonymous said...

has there been a conclusion to this story?