Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Week In Honduras...Helping and Habitating

I really thought I would get to a computer sooner but it didn't happen.

I just got in from a dive off the Cayous Cochinos (Pig Islands)...Cuyous Grande to be specific. We are on leg three of the trip...R&R. This location is amazing not only because of the beauty of this preserve but because there are NO tourists.

The dive boat goes out a couple of times a day and Rep. Dan and grandson Ethan and I are on the boat.

The optometrists came off of three long days that I hosted through my non-profit 501 c-3. I will write again on Monday to catch up on everything.

At times I have been trying to see this adventure/humanitarian effort through the eyes of my 8 year-old grandchild. At each stop he has made new friends, running through the ruins at Copan with Daniel...Playing soccer at one of my sites with Dario...and finally meeting Enrique and Kessler the two young Garifina boys that I worry so much about.

Right now Ethan is looking forward to finding an even bigger pink boa (known only to this island) and identifying some of the many many species of fish we are seeing. Let's just say that he is NOT asking to play the Nintendo DSi that I brought along :o)


strawberryblonde said...

Pink boa, like reptile? Gives me the shivers just thinking of seeing one.
Great to read that you all are having a wonderful time. See you when you return!

Joe said...

Heh I used to think i was Steve Irwin the croc hunter...maybe kids today pretend to be the Survivor man guy heh..better make sure he doesnt try to eat the snake :)