Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jim Makes Brownies

Ask and you shall least in the kitchen.

This will be the first time I have led a group to Honduras. I took someone from Pierce College once and others interested in the project. But this time I am taking the project. The immediate purpose of this trip will be eye care.

But, as an aside we must take in the surroundings and Honduras is the land of cocoa! This is where they get the bean! That incredible pod inside of a pod. Separate it. Dry it. Crush and powder it. Mix it with sugar and milk or butter and there you have it.

Representative Dan Roach will join this trip. Dan is fluent in Spanish and loves to serve. And, as an extra treat for me...Ethan will be with us too. I have some special kids there he will meet.

But, in our room at night...we will sneak out the chocolate brownies that Grandpa just made. He made them for us...because he loves us.


Anonymous said...

We all love you Pam.....have a safe trip.

CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

You have been very busy with traveling and ..well..we're keeping the home fires burning..and wishing we had some of those home made brownies. Boy do they taste good warm with a tall glass of very cold milk.

Make sure you buy some pure vanilla while you are there. It is the best for baking. If you cannot find it locally, you may find it in Duty Free. Dirt cheap!

I hope that the children there are all doing better with you and yours around them.

We have many interesting things to tell you upon your return!

Be safe..and NEVER drink the water:) and last but not least..hurry home..we miss you!

Oh..and PS..the weather has been very rainy and maybe you will want to stay where it is warm.


CC Tillett