Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunshine Committee Hears From CASA Who Testifies That Pam Roach Is Trying To Tear Down The System

Well, I guess someone over there is catching on! :o)

Just kidding. We need a system but it needs to be accountable. I want to tear down the wall of secrecy and lies that cost many families their children. And, I would like to save more children who have not been protected.

CPS issues are always close at hand. Today at the "Sunshine" Committee where we are charged with making recommendations to the legislature to remove exemptions from public disclosure, there was another run in with a CASA high up.

You should read the paper that they sent in saying Pam Roach this and Pam Roach that. Unbelievable really. Vilifying me is the only way they can try to get the monkey off their backs.

You see, I believe that the CASAs should not be exempt from public disclosure. We should know who they are. And we should be able to know their qualifications. What is wrong with that?

This full of fear (what is it she thinks she stands to lose??) woman testified there would be no more CASA volunteers if they were asked personal information. What a crock.

On another subject I also went on the record saying we need to make public the rotation schedule of the GALS and CASAs so we know if some are preferred over others. Social workers should not be able to ask for some over others. They should be paired randomly. That is how the system is suppose to work. No secret pals folks!


Anonymous said...

first of all Congratulations on the new Grandbaby. Second..No more CASA volunteers? What a shame.

Anonymous said...

CASA in Stevens county is just as bad as CPS. My great grandchild lived with us for 5.5 years and CASA never came to our home to talk to us. When I went to their office they told me I did not have rights, the child did have rights but the father has rights! Really I thought in this state that if you were 48 months older than a child that was called child rape and yet this is where they put this child! I have watched them in court. They play judge jury and executioner. They (CASA volunteers) can't wait to take someone down. I doubt if they even know what the child they are supposed to be advocating for looks like. Your damn right they should be doing background checks and I also think they should have psych evals. I think I have never seen a more sick group than Stevens county CASA.

Lovingfitfather said...

It was my pleasure to meet all of you at the rally. I can't say that I have met anyone more proactive and passionate. CPS has demonized parents for many years and I can understand Fosterer's who have bought into this propaganda and rhetoric. They have been falsely led to believe that many of these children have been found to be Dependant for legitimate reasons. Some of you are aware or are becoming aware that this is not true in most of the cases. Children do endure neglect and abuse. CPS is divisive. They always prevail because they are experts at this divide and conquer business it is the vehicle of their success. We must reach out to each other with a common goal.
First and foremost should be ETHICAL ADMINISTRATION OF CHILD WELFARE. The Children's Administration must be prevented from excoriating any responsible adult, vested or biological albeit paternal, maternal, extended family, fictive or otherwise capable fit nurturing appropriate party. By their tactics they have enabled and perpetuated child abuse and neglect simply to serve themselves children and all families are their victims!
We must stop the rampant fraud, forgery and perjury prevalent in child dependency cases. There simply is no credible evidentiary standard in our family law courts. I am sorry for all who have wrongfully been deprived of children just as I am sorry that the State uses them as chattel.
Terry W. Morrison (206)225-7777 morrisonrery@rocketmail.com

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought concepts for "checks and balances" could be so controversial?

Wonder why? NOT!

We might even wonder further if such showing of leadership (even by civic duty) could similarly result in covert retaliation(s) as has been experienced by other dutiful and civic citizens of community.

- just adad