Monday, May 4, 2009

PPR Reader Gone Under Cover In The System

I thought this was a great approach by one of our readers. If this person will identify themself I will publish about the experiences.


Okay.....THIS IS IT....I am done complaining about the CASA program and all its Guardian Ad Litems, I am done with being on the outside wondering what makes them tick or NOT, I am sick of waiting for the change and ready to BE THE CHANGE.


I am now in the CASA program to become a Volunteer Guardian Ad Litem. At least with me, there will never be a good family torn apart like mine and many other good families we all know of, EVER!

My training ----------(omitted by ED.). I will be reporting to you all --------omitted by ED).

This should be interesting to say the least. I am just done dancing their game and I joined them to beat them at their game...and I am looking so forward to doing this.

So, that's the newest scoop.


Anonymous said...

Oh to be with them...lets hope they are true to their word, and know what "best interest ofthe child" means.

HappyMommy said...

As a foster parent and someone who also just finished the CASA training, you are already going against what you say you are there for. You are there for your own vindication in proving someone lazy or unfit at their job. In some ways that is int he best interest of the child, to keep an eye on people who may not be doing their job, but it also sounds like you will spend most of your time advocating your own agenda and creating barriers with others. I wish you all the best in remaining focused on helping the children.