Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lily's Placement Hearing On Tuesday

There was no outcome but there were some items of note.

The maternal grandparents again took off work and ferried in from Orcas Island to be in the Skagit County Courtroom. There was no foster person present. There was no paternal great-grandmother there.

There was a GAL (Guardian Ad Litum), like a CASA. The GAL was asked by the judge if the three-year-old, Lily, has bonded to the great grandma. Yes, certainly, was the tenor of the response.

I am wondering again about the varasity of the CASA/GAL people. If a person has only seen a 3 year-old once since birth up until a couple of visits in the last month...can there be a bonding???? Who in the world is this GAL to make such a statement? Well, we will never know. We don't get to know who they are.

But, I'll bet she has never seen Lily with her grandparents. And, I will bet she is not a shrink and has has no degree or credintial to make any such statement in a courtroom.

No wonder the CASA folks came down in droves (to Olympia this session) to protect the secrecy of their program volunteers. These volunteers act as God in a courtroom and God knows who and what they do outside the courtroom. I wonder if this one was also hand picked by DSHS for this removal....


Anonymous said...

What can we do? How do we help? This must come to an end, for anyone who has ever suffered at the hands of CPS, you know. But Pam what do we do, the ball is rolling, it is picking up speed, you have become the driving force! Ask...we all stand behind you! Do we become more public? Start a website for information?

Anonymous said...

This has to stop..... this child is being emotionally tortured and so is her family.... PUBLICITY!!!

Cheri Covert said...

Here in Region 2 there is questionable GALS.One just was evicted from her home and the place were she's staying is deporable living condtions and yes there is young children at this home.If you had her do a hair folicle drug test she would fail it.The key I'm trying to make if they can't make good decisions in their own life then what in the world are we doing by allowing them to make life decisions for families.Now ask me about some social workers your going to get answers that are downright scary.