Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reality Check On Blog Comments

Just a few notes on blog comments:

I have many comments (over 150) that have not been posted. The most common reason for that is that while the content is sometimes very well thought out...there is a line that dings the governor or the AG in such a way that it detracts from the message.

Someone just commented that I was anti-Gregoire for a comment I made. As a matter of fact I think we have a very caring governor. I don't agree with how CPS is taking kids they should not be taking...through the lying, etc. But, while I am definitely mad at the system... and that it is not self-correcting or accountable...and it is secret...closed to public scrutiny....etc. I have made it a point to, if anything, shield her. I leave those personal attacks to those that want to make them to the person.

There is another category of comments that aren't printed, yet. When I get the time I will pull them up and run a side-by-side (me/you). I simply have not had the time and may never. I live a busy life and can't get to everything.

Then, some comments have been crude. It may have been only one person. They started right after the foster woman in the Stuth Case filed her complaint against me because of this blog. In time they became very crude...lesbian sex actually. And, I thought it was a bit threatening in that the frequency and crudeness escalated.

I emailed the latest one to Mr. O'Connell, Senate Ethics Board attorney and staffer. (This was about a month ago.) I suggested if the committee would come out with a finding that the messages might go away. I speculated that the writings were escalating because whomever was sending them was feeling embolden due to the fact that there had as yet been no determination. Oddly, after months of these things...and yes I still have them...they went away right after i made the phone call to O'Connell. The one I sent O'Connell was the last one. Also, oddly, there was no attempt to identify the sender. Usually when a State Senator is being harassed there is some attempt by the State Patrol or security to "get to the bottom" of it. Granted, I didn't ask for an investigation...but apparently none was needed. O'Connell said he made no phone calls to anyone after I reported this. Coincedance?

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Fighting 4 Families said...

Ms. Roach,

You are doing an extremely admirable job in fighting for what truely is "in the best interest of the child"

As many people around the world are aware this is a very corrupt and dangerous system that is presently operating under the guise of "protecting" children.

We applaud the important work you are doing and the incredible burden to yourself by deciding to address this issue.

Supporting you from Canada.