Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NEWS FLASH...CPS Taped Interview Of Six Year Old Shows Manipulation...Mr. Wilson does the same thing

A CD of a recent CPS child interview shows the social worker asking leading questions and attempting to put words in the mouth of the child. Frankly, I found the questions directed at a child to be not only leading but sexually explicit and "R" rated.

In any event, this stuff is made for TV.

You know, we have laws in this state about how we interview children. I really think it is not right to ask leading questions. Hmmmmmmmmm. More on this fun subject later. (I am wondering if this thing will end up on YouTube.)

This is not so unbelievable. Remember Mr. Wilson who interviewed me? He is the one the Senate Ethics Board sent out to determine if I had been unethical in this blog. A foster woman (whose name I never mentioned) thought she recognized herself in my writings. She had been tipped off by a CPS worker that I even had a blog.

*Restraining order against a former lover with a gun...check.
*Sent little Lisa to daycare with a black eye...check.
*Put the child in back to back state paid daycare while collecting big checks...check. ETC.

Mr. Wilson uses the same leading tactics to get people to say what he wants. He told people he interviewed that I had spoken for an hour in a courtroom before the judge who was dealing with "Lisa's" placement. He was either lying or had been lied to.

Truth: I was invited out of the courtroom audience to speak. I did. I read a statement. I answered maybe two questions. It took no more than 5 minutes.

I called Mr. O'Connell who staffs the Ethics Board and asked him if I could have additional interview time with Mr. Wilson. "Wilson," I said, "has his facts wrong. What other facts must he have wrong? We know he is interviewing people who have lied in the past."

I was told by Mr. O'Connell that there would not be another interview for me. (The first and only one was months ago!) Wilson did not interview the Stuths either. They were in the courtroom. I would have no opportunity to rebut or correct.

"But," he said. "If you would like you can submit your statement to us and the date you appeared in court." WHAT?
Can you even believe this?????

By the way...there is nothing unethical with me testifying in court at the judge's request.

(The Morning News Tribune just editorialized two days ago that legislators should open up their offices to public disclosure. They think anything that comes through a legislator's office should be public. This whole effort to string me up could get very interesting.)

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Anonymous said...

I would love to view the interview... but I can't find it on this site. Is it posted here? I am so glad that some one is speaking up for the children and the families. Bless You!!