Monday, April 20, 2009

SPECIAL PRESS UPDATE: Senate Ethics Complaint Status Report

To the press:
I currently have two roles. I am an elected State Senator and I am a blogger. Can the two co-exist? Other than voting is there a role for a senator? Does that role include studying government and working to keep it on track? Do you think I have a whistle blower case here?

Hit a Senator with an ethics complaint often enough and you can damage her...or get her unelected.

I started this blog (without any Senate help, thank you) and began chronicling the Stuth Case. I made the removing a 3 year-old from loving grandparents a public CPS saga. Eventually, the reporting was picked up by KING5 News and the child returned to her family from the unworthy foster-adopt woman. (Yes, she was unworthy even before she had her license removed by the department.)

The foster woman was very angry about my blog and demanded it be stopped in a complaint filed with the Senate Ethics Committee last fall. I never used her name. But, someone pointed out that the shoe fit.

The Ethics Committee could not see anything wrong with me having my own blog and using my right of free speech. But... determined to find SOMETHING...ANYTHING... they expanded the purview of the complaint, hired attorney Ken Wilson, and sent him out to nail me.

I have never been told what RCW or Senate Ethics Code item I may have violated. Could this expanded investigation be politically motivated? If not, the ethics committee will go after Sen. Karen Kaiser for using Senate staff to bash the Building Association of Washington in her Senate generated blog. Will the ethics committee question the staff to see if they helped Kaiser with the YouTube response to her partisan statements? Will Kaiser get her very own Mr. Wilson or just me?

Mr. Wilson's War Tactics:
Mr. Wilson has interviewed many people. But, he has not interviewed the Stuths. And, he has not been back to me to ask if I have any rebuttal. Remember Mr. Wilson...there are many people who have it in for me. The CASA who bad-mouthed me in court, the foster woman and her relatives, Cheryl Steponme, etc. might have an ax to grind. Are my rights protected by a star chamber, Mr. Wilson?

Mr. Wilson...most Americans do not like kangaroo courts. Not too long ago you interviewed a staff member and said: "Senator Roach spoke for an hour before Judge Schafer's Court.........." Where are you getting these untruths or are you spinning a yarn? I was in the courtroom and the judge invited me to read a statement that I had submitted. It was really just information. CPS did not tell the court that there was a qualified family member (an aunt) who wanted to care for the Stuth's granddaughter. I was appalled when I found out the department only informs the court about other biological placement possibilities AFTER there is a termination. This is contrary to the directives of law.

Mr Wilson... I am a very good oral reader. This whole thing took no more than 5 minutes. Why would you say I spoke for one hour? Is this something you really believe? You are an attorney. Do you think a Superior Court judge would allow me to speak any longer than she wanted to listen? Is there something wrong with my trying to counter the potential results of a rouge department? When sworn into office do I give up my rights as a citizen to help others? Why don't you ask the Stuths what they think about my help?

The Senate Ethics Committee met in executive session late last week. They tell me nothing. They have spent tens of thousands of dollars, have not asked for my response to accusations, and really have taken a very long time in hopes of finding something.

Ken...the attorney general of the State of Washington has ASKED me to submit material to the court in the Willard Case.

Is there some problem with my learning about how our government is "serving" the people? Should I stand by and watch the government ignore the current state law? it right for you to fill people with misstatements of fact in your efforts to find a hook? I spent 5 minutes, max, before the judge. But, the wait in court, the drive to the King County Courthouse, the putting this all together, the time it has taken to correct your "one hour" statement via this blog...has taken 12 or more hours.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about not getting re-elected Senator. There are a few of us who will help you campaign. You have a strong support system within this venue. None of us want you to fail and will work towards your continued presense within the legislative bodies. We also will be taking a close look at those who oppose you and campaign against them. For every false "ethics" concern brought there will be a few "ethics" issues against your opposers brought publically. Some of us are real tired of legislators who support CPS and do not listen to their constituants.

Anonymous said...

There are many issues here that they have to look at. For one thing, blogs have a special status legally. A person can say just about anything on one and be immune. Then there is the whistle blowing component that you mentioned. But the biggest is how the laws are written regarding child abuse. While confidentiality is important, the other aspect to this is if a child is being abused, there is nothing that suggests that it should be kept quiet. On the contrary, it is encouraged to openly discuss the abuse. If the abuse is openly discussed with agencies responsible for the child and are ignored, then the general public would be next on the list for who to go to. In spite of the fact that the governing bodies are trying not to recognize community power, it still very much exists in the Constitution. By keeping this information from us violates our rights to know and act upon government wrongful behavior. CPS represents all that is wrong with our government right now. The People are left no choice but to act and keep informed.
We have a real problem facing our country. Science, the medical profession and clinical psychology have all teamed up against the family. Each has their own agenda yet co-exist and intertwine because to do so enhances their agenda. Tax payers and voters need to stop these groups from drugging everyone, tearing apart families needlessly, and treating our communities like guina pigs. It's hard to do when Congress is supporting that agenda while profitable companies sweeten Congressmen bank accounts and making billions off of the general public. In my opinion, Yale, who has built the foundation of this mess, needs to be boycotted.

Feminist Martron said...

When somebody wants to keep their best dirty little secret that takes priority over the best interest of a child....I suppose it's gonna ruffle a feather or two.

How dare she try to get your blog to disappear from my viewing...she has no bloody right to prevent me from exercising my constitutional right to read whatever I wanna read.

If she don't like our favorite blog spot on this entire world wide web, she has the constitutional right to stay out! The door swings both ways ya know?


Leonard Henderson said...

I would say that BLOGGING is exactly how a modern REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PEOPLE would be in touch with the people.

I hold great respect for Pam Roach and fully support her efforts on behalf of the people.

Leonard Henderson, co-founder
American Family Rights Association
"Until Every Child Comes Home" ©
"The Voice of America's Families" ©

WADVPress said...

I concur with Leonard. This is a great example of dissemination of information to the people. I have the utmost of respect for her office as well.