Thursday, April 2, 2009

Liar In The Lair About The Hair

The back of Lily's haircut in January 2 days before she was stolen.
Whoever commented in your blog did not know a thing about her hair. It is very fine and manageable. (Message sent to my email. ED)

(This was sent by the community award winning grandmother. Notice how neat the kitchen is. See how clean she keeps her granddaughter. Do you think this house has no heating? The lying social worker reported to the judge that the family had no heating in their house. The report is still on the judge's desk.)

DSHS Person X had reported Lily's hair was course, not matted. Come to think about it I don't know of ANY child that has course hair. Person are just totally full of it!


CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

Just amazing the lies that the courts allow to be entered as truth and evidence for the record.

Exposing lies to the judge, makes the AG's office appear to be liars. For it is they, as the representatives for the state,that are the ones presenting these false facts as truth.

The question still remains to be answered is this..Why are they allowed by the courts to continue to present false and heresay evidence? Must this be legislated too?

As I stated to you in a previous message (That may or may not have been posted..I haven't checked)Evidence was presented in a shelter care hearing this week, that the AG's office was presenting evidence they knew not to be true. They did not prove their case! Sound of the gavel smacking the bench.

Evidence is any case should be beyond a reasonable doubt..not heresay..period. Does that need to be legislated as well? I believe that it would at the very least make them somewhat more accountable.

Madame X...In this particular case and the evidence that has been presented by way of a picture of the childs hair, I do feel comfortable calling you an out and out LIAR. I would have also been able to present a copy of my latest heating bill, proving yet again that you presented to the court,under oath,false evidence to the court. Bearing false witness against me. I will pray for your soul.

IF I WERE YOUR EMPLOYER, you would be fired.

Best to come clean now. By that I mean, who instructed you to say these things? Or will you take responsibility for your own actions? Or will you cover their behinds so they can save their own?

Anonymous said...

C.C. can we see your name on a ballot someday? You would have my vote along with Sen.Roach!

CC Tillett said...

Dear Anonymous,

Although I appreciate the suggestion..and I am flattered that you would say that..My name will not appear on any ballot any time soon.

For I have not the time to present political matters in a sugar coated format. Being direct, blunt and to the point offends many. The truth also offends many that choose to turn a blind eye to the issues at hand.

That is not to say that I am not polite and respectful of the views of others.

More importantly..for now others need my help getting their families back home.


CC Tillett

corylynn20 said...

Hmmm, looks familiar to me as well.
I frantically gave Aberdeen CPS photos of my chidren taken just days before my FALSE arrest and removal of MY children...they refused to look at them.
I should have never visited Ocean Shores...wrong place at the wrong time in the WRONG HANDS when I...was in the right. Charges were dropped and they STILL have my babies. My daughter was still nursing at the time...