Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lily Being Traumatized By CPS...Fear Is In Her Eyes...She Is Being Repeatedly Harmed By The State Of Washington

(Here we see "Lily" trying to get away from the driver who will take her back to the foster woman. The look you see is fear. She is trying, frantically, to get away. She does not want to leave the grandparents she loves.)

It doesn't take a shrink to know when a child is traumatised. You know it when you see it.

The ages of 0 to 3 are the most formative in a child's life. The whole theory of nature vs nurture is one that supports the fact that trauma does affect the development of a child. Lily was pirated away from her grandparents at age 3 years. We know from her comments that she thinks it is her fault.

When it is time to leave her grandparents after her one hour visit she tries to escape the social worker! She screams! She kicks! She is horrified!

I can not adequately explain how harmful this is and it is at the hand of the state. And...they really don't care. Can you imagine such awful people?

At the last visit the driver and the social worker and the grandparents all recognized bruises on the little girl as being serious enough to warrant investigation.

Lily still has a rash that she did not have while with the grandparents. This is now persistent and may be caused by emotional stress, food allergy, or lack of personal cleanliness. I am going with state induced trauma. Remember, Lily was under monthly doctor's care while with the grandparents. She is pre-diabetic. She was fed organic foods and was very happy. She attended her college educated grandmother's preschool class.

No Lily cries as she is torn again and again from the family she was forced to leave after a quack of a social worker spent his time fabricating "stories" so he could justify stealing this child.


strawberryblonde said...

Lily is going to need counseling in order to combat the post traumatic stress that is being induced by the actions of the state.

For too long, the courts have rubber stamped fabricated documents of CASA's, GAL's and CPG's. These professionals were directed to be the eyes and ears of the court. Instead, too many of these professionals go unchecked and grave harm is done.

When family members attempt to bring attention to erroneous reports by these professionals, the court rolls their eyes.

Thank you, Senator Roach, for listening to our pleas for help and advocating for those persons who are unable to advocate for themselves.

Maybe, now, heads will roll.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Perhaps someone could explain to me their reasoning. They attack single moms and target them in hospitals and at DSHS due to finances. They even have a different standard of proof for single parents. Then, in several cases I am hearing that they are refusing two parent households and giving children to single fosters. In some cases, the single fosters have several children by the state. A good family in Oregon was denied because they were in Oregon and the child given to a single gay man with several other children from the state in his care. This was in Bremerton. The denied family were foster parents, home owners, and no bad history. I have regularly told extended family to get foster care licensed, yet I am hearing story after story of foster care licensed extended family getting denied custody! Something is seriously wrong if one is licensed by the foster care system but doesn't measure up as extended family care? Either the foster care screening is extremely poor (explaining all the abuse and neglect in foster care doesn't it) Or they are deliberately eliminating extended families regardless of their status?!
And look at what they are doing to this poor child. Even putting the light on their dark behavior and insane reasoning doesn't slow them down one bit. Can people get more sick and weird than this?
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

This is part of what I think is going on. With those who apply as fosters THEY ARE LOOKING FOR REASONS TO APPROVE. With extended family, THEY ARE LOOKING FOR REASONS TO DENY. Its about the glass being half full or half empty. The state's needs and title IV funding override the best interest of the child test. I believe they do not dig as deep into foster backgrounds because what they don't know they can't make a decision on. With extendeds, they twist, lie, make up concerns, and bring false ideas into the "team" and sell the team with mob think on someone. Those who are responsible for diagnosing and counseling family, regurgitate what they are told by DSHS rarely listening to what the client has to say. DSHS shops for people like this. Its all about politics and money.

Anonymous said...

We to know that fear in a childs face. It is so evil to do this to a child and their family! Our prayers are with this child and family and every other child and family who are being abused by CPS. How much damage do you people need to cause? Deal with your own issues yourself, quit profiling,and tormenting families just beacause you can.

lilibit said...

this is so sad , I cannot put words to it

Anonymous said...

How can they not see it? Trying to hide. The damage done to this little girl will never be erased-she will forever be changed. Beware CW you reap what you sow.
This obviously is not the best foster home situation for her. But truth be told even if she were in a wonderful home, being doted on and every wish she could have granted, she belongs with her family. She never should have been taken from her family. Shame, shame, shame on You!

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach,

I have seen the trauma, the distrss and distrust first hand through one of my clients and her 3year old first hand.

Being an advocate, you do many things for your client. Drive them to places when their cars are not working or to Dr.s appointments because they want you there for support.

This is what I witnessed.

The child was returned to her mother by court order after 8 months.

I was asked by the client to take her to an appointment. I had never met the 3 year old.

While the mother was preparing to move the car seat from her car to mine, the child had a melt down. She basically flipped a cookie. No matter what mom said to reassure the child that mom was going with her in the car. She was saying..I be good mommy, I no cry mommy..she did not settle down until about 20 minutes into the drive.

It was heart breaking and gut wrenching. The child thought she was being put into yet another car with strangers. My words cannot express how bad I felt for this baby. Serious trust issues.

The baby flips even when mom leaves the room.

So my question is to all of you lurkers from the state..Who the hell do you really think causes this trauma to children? YOU DO! I will be filming future excursions with this family to prove my point.

From insider information, I have discovered that Lilly has been been moved yet again..more state caused trauma.

If you wish to remove that portion of my post, feel free to do so.

CC Tillett said...

DSHS doesn't get an adoption bonus if they adopt to relatives.

Plain and them it has never been about the has always been about the money as their actions prove time and time again.

CC Tillett

Stacy Trussell said...

We are going through the same thing as Lily`s grandparents. We`ve had our neice who is almost 3 for 18 months and a cousin who is 12 for 7 months. The caseworker has an adoptive home chosen for the little one (her words in court)and she`s been ripped from us and everything she knows. We had a 4 hour visit on 4/4/ and she went right to our car wanting to know where her car seat was. She thought we were taking her with us. This is through the Everett office which we have been told there is a lot of corruption going on. We have had relative placements for almost 4 years with 2 little boys returning home to their mom after 3 years. We never had any problems with the caseworkers who were there for the children but all it takes is one nasty caseworker wanting to sell a child to the highest bidder so to speak and they yank them from their loving homes without a care in the world. The c.p.s. system is causing emotional abuse to children and their families and that is supposed to be o.k. but if a parent looks at their child in the wrong way they are taken away. Why is it alright for them to abuse the children and get away with it? I thnak GOD for people like Pam Roach!! Stacy Trussell

Anonymous said...

The picture of the little girl reminds me of my niece then four years old who would run, hide,screem when she had to leave us to go back to the foster home. That was in 2004...we have not seen her since July 2004. One we raised concerns we had with the other home the state changed their position about placing the children back in our home where they were very well cared for and bonded to our family. WE spent over $50,000...the state finally won due to us running out of money to keep fighting. The real loosers in the case are the kids...including our two children who dearly miss their cousins who were like siblings.

Anonymous said...

So, what is the latest on Lily? Last I heard, the AG contacted you. Did he do anything or was he blowing smoke up your nose?

Anonymous said...

When will Washington implement the provisions of the Federal Act?

"Fostering Connections" (short title)

Signed by President Bush in October, 08?

Are there kickbacks been given to all players in the DSHS cesspool?

Anonymous said...

I Hope Lilly is with Grandma soon.

My daughter and I sat behind her Grandma at the Senate hearings. Our hearts went out to her.

My grandson (6 at the time) clung to the hand of his sisters(5 at the time) Foster Mom (one of the good ones)begging to go with her rather than be taken back to where he had been staying.

When he was released to my custody a week later he pour his little heart to me. Told me how he slept in a garge for the first week. How he cryed himself to sleep each night. How he stared out the window and watched for his Dads truck. How he was force fed. He has a permanent scar on his face from a fingernail peircing his cheek while being force fed!

We knew something was wrong but he didn't tell us until he was home.

At his first visitation with the family he lept into his Dads arms burried his head and sobbed so deeply there was no sound just his shoulders moving up and down. OUR HANDS WERE TIED!

How was this child helped? He spent 21 days in that house!