Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today I Attended The Ultrasound Debut Of Grandchild #13 put that in writing and it really sounds like a LOT of grand kids!

While Rep. Roach was debating the final House transportation bill I went with his family to the ultrasound viewing! Ethan (7), Drew (6) and Camille (4) were on hand for the event.

At 40 weeks gestation we could see the four chambers of the heart as it was beating. There were spooky eye holes in the skull. The spine was normal. And the feet each had five toes. Each bone was checked. And, yes, there was something else! It is a boy!

Bear with me on this..dear readers! Three are coming this year and I will mention each as they arrive. Preview: May 15th, Captain John's ? (they want to be surprised); David's wife a girl on July 15th; Dan's wife a boy on August 15th. Dates subject to change!


cc tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

There is nothing sweeter than baby feet IMO. Except for maybe the long awaited first smile!

CC Tillett

Anonymous said...

Congrats Senator! Love them babies like theres no tomorrow!