Sunday, April 19, 2009

Associated Press Covers CPS Hearing...KVI On Monday Morning

The Bellingham Herald ran the AP story and I will try to find it for our archive. (This is a bookmark for me.)

We were in session on Saturday and again today. Today we finished at 7 PM.

For those of you on the westside...please tune in KVI 570 Monday in the early AM. I will be on Kirby Wilbur's morning show and the subject is CPS.

If you can call in with SHORT comments that would be good. is impossible to tell a whole story on radio...these stories are just too long, complicated, involved...the listeners will turn off the show. So, we must be short, succinct, to the point.

*Thanks again to everyone for Thursday.
*After the hearing...Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen visited the governor's office and also visited with Attorney General Rob McKenna.
*The hearing was discussed in the Senate Republican Caucus where several spoke up on the issue.
*I learned first hand that the Senate Human Services and Corrections Chair does not talk to the press. That is one good reason there is little or no progress. The light of day is what is needed. That means you need to have the people know what the heck is going on in government. If you want change from the status quo then you have to use all the tools!
*I am now on Facebook but not really up and running yet.
*Just got my first picture of Captain John in Qatar. It is kind'a cool so I may share it with everyone.
*I was up until 2 AM last night practicing my guitar. So...I'd better get to bed...well right after "Desperate Housewives" my TV vice.



Anonymous said...

By the way (off topic) I have a chat room that is general and open off the website. This was designed for not only under the microscope folk, but CPS, CASA, attorneys and legislator comment. Its been up for a year, but nobody uses it. Here is the link:
If you want to add a link to your blog then people can go there to state the beefs that you don't want on yours. Because it is open, parents be careful what you share on there.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

Also, now that the weather is warmer, as of today I am hitting the streets and starting a membership drive. My goal is 20,000 members in this state for the purpose of seed funding, paying a state lobbyist and grass roots activists. I intend to do door to door throughout the summer and early fall as well as setting up tables at different high traffic functions. If enough people sign up, I will submit paid information into news media as well as radio. The organization will be non-profit but not tax deductible due to a stock option that will be offered. This will appeal to those who understand the numbers of people concerned with these issues. My estimate is 2-3 hundred thousand are directly affected by CPS interference and many are indirectly affected (friends/neighbors).I will be looking for volunteers to help the membership drive in different parts of the state.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

The Senate Human Services and Corrections Chair has been a great champion and advocate for child welfare reform over the years... He has sponsored and passed legislationn through the Senate that could have made a difference, only to have it overwritten and adorned like a christmas tree by the chair of Early Learning & Children's Services. The problem with true reform that will truely benefit children is in the House.

Perhaps the Chair of Human Services and Corrections is just listening to Thumper's parents "If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all."

Year after year we hit a brick wall in the House. We all find it very frustrating and dishearting.

But please Senator Roach, keep up the good work. I look forward to meeting you some day.