Monday, April 6, 2009

House With No Heat? That's What CPS Claims. What do You Think?

The social worker put a report on the judge's desk, never having been to the home mind you...saying there is no heat in Grandma and Grandpa's home.

It defies logic to think that a building inspector would allow occupancy without heating. I mean...does anyone think a house could be sold if there was no heat source? But, with CPS logic does not matter.

Wouldn't you fire a CPS worker who so obviously lied about something like this and placed this lie on a judge's desk? Wouldn't you fire a supervisor who let something like this go unquestioned? I mean...what kind of supervisor...knowing we are talking about thwarting the law (it is the law that says we must place with biological relatives first) would not correct this lie?

Of course there is heating in this home. There is a wood stove and electric base board heating. Check out the home:


Anonymous said...

Hey CPS are ya gonna take the last pic posted and state they also have no furniture? Get a life! Quit stealing children and destroying families!

corylynn20 said...

I APPLAUD YOUR INSENCITIVITY...When is someone going to do something about this ???