Friday, April 10, 2009

Courtroom Drama Amounted To The AG Going After The Family With Both Guns Blazing

There was a terrible hearing in Skagit County. For days the AG's office faked strong interest in returning 3 year-old Lily to her meth troubled mother. The mother is doing well in counseling but Randy Hart told me last week that would not happen. (And, that I did believe.)

The 22 year-old mother was torn apart on the stand. She was faced with every bad thing she had ever done. She was crying during the whole thing. This is a mother that knows she has had issues...that is why she terminated her rights with the promise that her parents would raise Lily. The facts are what they are but it was a massacre.

The grandparents were blasted as well. The state intends to annihilate anyone that stands between Lily and the foster woman.

The department's AG has no intention of talking family reunification. That is not the goal. They argue for foster adoption even more vociferously than if they were the prosecution going for a murder conviction. That is because they are used to easy battles.

The "apology" letter arrives. 9/10ths bull and one tenth was half an apology. They apologised for having said the computer was stolen. They did not apologise that they had lied in court papers saying the grandparents had stolen it...or that they had wrongfully called the grandparents thieves.

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Anonymous said...

Pushing for foster-adopt? She has only been there what 3 months? What about the bond , yes I said bond, to the family. You a$$holes at CA and DSHS need to learn what that word means. Have you no remorse for the abuse you force these children and families through? I can't wait for the "what goes around comes around" ya know it's always 10x worse.