Monday, April 6, 2009

Five Children Killed By Father Under A CPS Parenting Plan

DSHS Needs A Big Dose Of "The Light Of Day"

I will not go into the details of the murders as that is for our regular news sources. And to my acquaintances in the media...bless you as you cover these kinds of things.

The father who killed himself was a known factor at the department. He had an anger problem. He was suspected of child abuse. A parenting plan was established for him. They didn't take his kids, probably, because they were too old. (The state specializes in the marketing of three-year-olds.) His five are dead. They were shot as they slept.

In the meantime, Little Lily's good and loving grandparents are awash with fears and tears. Will they ever get their little girl back?

Will the department ever get it right? Not often...they are not disciplined, there is no accountability, they lie to protect themselves from criticism. They do not want the light of day shown on their problems. They can not solve the problems themselves but by one gets to help!

Question: Senate Ethics you think it is unethical that I have an opinion and that I share it with others? If I thought this agency could be corrected I guess I would not have to say anything. But, hey guys, the legislature, the gov and the AG are just not getting it done. So, Ethics silence the answer? Just stand by and let it go...? Haven't we had enough of that?


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord YES! we have had enough of that!!
They need to get off your back and do something worth while such as investigate why the legislature is doing squat about CPS. Hey why don't they investigate the gov.
Six human beings dead because CPS didn't make that infamous parenting plan work! AGAIN

Anonymous said...

Truly a terrible situation for these children. Why have no jobs been taken? Pam,I really hope by now you have taken the time to contact Senator Schaffer. This is going to get much worse if there isn't some people banding together...

Anonymous said...

Wow, when my case is over and done with where do I begin to help you ?
We do need to band together,because no one knows this mess unless they find a loved one or it. Then they need thousands of dollars to fight the system off if that even works.

Lovingfitfather said...

Senator Roach:
RE: Light of day.
To raise mushrooms you keep them in the dark and feed them Ka-ka. This is exactly how DCFS operates they keep children,families, and the public in the dark and feed them ka-ka. O:-)

CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

I guess that confidentiality goes out the window when deaths are involved. See Below.

On Sunday, state officials confirmed that James Harrison was found to have slapped one of his children in February 2007. The incident did not require that children be removed from the family's home in a mobile-home park near Graham in Pierce County, said Sherry Hill, a spokeswoman for Children's Administration in DSHS.

On Monday, Nancy Sutton, regional administrator for the Pierce County area, revealed there were four prior complaints involving the Harrison family.

One complaint, alleging neglect, was "founded," she said. A third was deemed "unfounded." Two other complaints did not rise to the level of abuse or neglect but indicated the family needed some help, so they were referred to community providers. Sutton would not say what those complaints were, but she said complaints in this category are low-level. One example, she said, would be head lice.

All five complaints were made by mandatory reporters, Sutton said. Mandatory reporters are people such as nurses or teachers who, by virtue of their job, are required by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect.

DSHS is conducting a full review of records and cooperating with law-enforcement officials, Hill said.

Staff reporter Michael J. Berens contributed to this report. Maureen O'Hagan: 206-464-2562 or

Feminist Martron said...

From information my children provided me as of late, they could very well end up on the list of the dead children in Washington state, because CPS failed to protect them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CPS has had reports from mandated reporters regarding allegations of abuse from what they saw and heard my children say. CPS has had reports from me that supports what the mandated reporters told them, and more...YET THEY HAVE FAILED TO DO THEIR DAMN JOB AND GET MY CHILDREN OUT OF HIS CARE!!!!

Everyone at CPS involved that knew James Harrison was a dangerous man and did nothing to protect these kids....should be made to endure a year of torture before they are put in an old fashioned line up and shot to death one by one without a hood on!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a little too late for DSHS to conduct a full interview of records....the children are dead now....and cooperating with law-enforcement officials is absolutely we all know damn well they share the same bed of iniquity with each other!!!! Like, what the hell?!?!

Here are the website addresses to our local news stations where I have posted comments on as Matron. I used it as my way of exposing CPS in their failure to protect the children...and to ask each station to further investigate CPS.

KIRO News 7

KING News 5

KOMO News 4

Please, everyone go to each of these and sign up and comment about CPS's failure to protect her children. Use these links as a way to get the attention of the public to make them awake to the corruption of CPS and demand the media to start investigating CPS and holding them accountable!

Our moment to do this is so ripe! Do this before they close the ability for us to comment!

Thank you!

Feminist Martron said...

I have to say, that I attended the Harrison memorial last night and I am left to believe that there's more to this tragic story than what we are being told.

The only heart wrenching moment was when the principals and teachers that were involved with the children, read letters from the classmates that have lost their very much loved friends.

What started out as a honorary tribute to the children who suffered such a tragic and horrorifying death...for a short alloted time...turned into most of the time hearing a pastor giving a sermon, trying to turn sinners into saints...and recruiting new church members.

Other than that, I did not see or hear any concerns about the tragic deaths of those children and concerns about coming together to change a corrupt system in honor of those children...NADA...ZIP!

In fact, when I came outside to where the mother, Angela was smoking, as I approached her she was giggling, giggling and making jokes with her family and friends. I spoke with her and told her how I was networked with people who were wanting to bring down the corruption of CPS down and start making them do their job to protect children.

She became like as if she were very agitated with me speaking to her. Then, out of the blue an aunt of hers said, "You've said your peace, now go on!" I was shocked! In spite of her being much shorter than I am, I felt if I didn't just shut my mouth and leave, I would have had cousin Bubba run out of the woods to make sure I did.

Something's really really really wrong here. I have a strong gut instinct that the school staff and CPS knew more than what is being told. I do not want this case to be yet another one that gets swept under the carpet and hush hushed. I want to keep the fire lit under the butts of Washington state's citizens until everything gets exposed and CPS get fully held accountable for the death's of these children.

If any of you had been there, you would have not thought you were at a memorial for the death of five innocent children...not even sure how to explain last night...but, it wasn't what I expected it to be.

Anonymous said...

What about the Court System for heavens sake? What about the judges who sign these orders? Why isn't the Court System being looked at? My experience with the courts has been just as disgraceful as dealing with CPS and in dealing with CPS over the past few years I can honestly say they have improved.
There is such bias in our court system it's incredible, yet everyone seems to turn their head to it unless it directly affects them.