Saturday, April 11, 2009

Former Georgia Senator Speaks Out On CPS Abuses

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This speech is being given at a conservative conclave. Phyllis Schafly, who is hosting the meeting, has been an advocate for families for decades. It is interesting that this subject, exposing and correcting CPS abuses, is now a part of a conservative agenda.

So, why aren't conservatives in the Republican Party putting this in their platforms? I have to tell you that I think the very entity that conservatives so like to despise...trial lawyers...will be the ones to step forward this.

Let's be reminded that the Washington State Supreme Court will come out with it's ruling on a very important case very soon. It was a trial lawyer who took the case at no charge. I will report more on this as it come out.


Anonymous said...

Both Senators....both Women....enough said!!!!!

Lovingfitfather said...

Criminal's caught in the act of "familicide" enjoying the immunity that enables them to torture and destroy children and families with impunity. licensed child predator's finally getting some heat thanks to these compassionate and courageous Senators who actually serve the "people." O:-)