Monday, April 27, 2009

Special Session Soon For WA State

At 11:55 PM I was in my car and headed home. After 14 days straight floor action...there were just a few hugs and good-byes.

On the way home I called my son's cell phone. He was in the House Republican Caucus and in hushed voice he said, "The governor's calling a special session."

When one party runs the show we are suppose to end on time to show organization, cooperation, unity and strength. that didn't happen. As if to ward off a special the budget writers specifically did not allow per diem in a special. Attendance could be pretty low!

As fewer and fewer bills are still on the calendar you become fairly familiar with the ones in dispute. Levy equalization for school funding will be one of just a few bills that the governor will enumerate. The call will be for a specific time and for the consideration of a specific list of bills. Depending on how you look at it this could reopen the debates that we thought were settled. If a bill failed, you may see it on the list. Tonight the fat lady did not sing.

Join the pool. I guess the special will be in 1 week and 5 bills will be considered.

A PRR reader has guessed 1 1/2 weeks and 3 bills. Do I see more?

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Anonymous said...

One and a half weeks and 3 bills.