Thursday, April 23, 2009

Floor Stories...The Waning Days Of Session 2009

(Session will be over on the Sunday, April 26th)

Really Clever Of You Pam

No member can bring food on the floor and that includes drinks. Through the years I have been able to sneak a few "goodies" into my floor desk and when the President of the Senate, Lt. Gov. Brad Owen, is not looking....

So, this year I ramped it up. I bring out a diet pop holding it behind my back. When I get to my floor desk I set it in my trash can on top of all the paper that has piled in there. That way if one of the guards sees the drink, rather than asking me to remove it, I can just say it is trash! Then, when I want a drink of diet pop instead of going downstairs to the Senate Locker Room (cantina)I sneak it into the wings and have a sip. (To my detractors reading this and to others who really is diet coke. I do not drink liquor...never have.)

So, the other day Senator Omig comes over to lobby me on a bill. Eric likes to get close so he pulls up the trash can and sat down. The straw was sticking up. You know, he never said anything. And neither did I. But, I got a new coke.

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Anonymous said...

LOL Oh, you're bad! I can see the headlines of liberal news now:
Senator Pam Roach is reported to the ethics committee for floor rules violations and hiding contraband in round recepticle. Acting in unison, Senator Omig, a double agent operative, attempted to hide the contraband from patroling militia. Apparently the mission was successful - the contraband disappeared into "thin air" as Senator Roach black marketed and secured additional contraband. The ethics committee hired Mr. Wilson to investigate.