Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grandma And Lily...Last Visit?

"On Friday, during our visit, Lily and I were in the middle of singing Puff the Magic Dragon, her favorite song, when she put her arms around me, kissed me, hugged me and said: 'Grandma, when will they let me come home? I love you sooooo much. I have been good for them. Can't I come home with you today?

Honestly, I do not know how much more of this I can take...and for them to say it is in the best interest of the child..."

This I received from Grandma. Just like the Stuths, these grandparents received glowing reports until it was decided that the child would go to someone else. This someone was on a waiting list for a child. I guess Lilly fit the order.

The grandparents have a lovely home. Grandma teaches the three-year-old's preschool class. Grandma has many community awards including "Lion of the Year" for Mt. Vernon, WA. There are many out and out lies in the report that is written by Myron Egbers who had never been in their home on Orcus Island when he wrote that there was no heat in the dwelling. The likes of you will burn in hell, Myron. Is there a bonus in it for you? Do you know the foster woman on the side? Hurrying to do the dirty work? Get it done before it gets out?)


Anonymous said...

Can you post and e-mail address and phone # for Myron.....I'm sure there are many who would love to contact him. Ya know just beause your parents named you Myron, doesn't mean you seek revenge on all parents and grandparents out there.

Anonymous said...

the baby thinks it's her fault! She has been good for "them" oh my goodness I am actually crying, sitting at my desk and crying. Evil, that is the only word for it. Out and out evil.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to this all too well.
My case file was just given to me by my new hired attorney who is costing me thousands. Two yrs of a court appointed attorney that the STATE PAID FOR...was useless.
The file was near 3,ooo pages long with little accuracy. O.k. I would say majority of LIES.
My children had to be removed from the last foster home for wretched reasons I cannot mention,to my cousin who gets NOTHING ! No answers to phonecalls,no financial.
They tried to hurry and close my case and adopt my babies out to people who were locking my daughter in a shed,force feeding her,and spanking my children. Too many red flags and I believe the heat from Pam Roach, "gave me a second chance". It is still scary and you never know what CPS will pull out of their sleeves next...

CC Tillett said...

Dear Annoymous,

Being the great detective that I am..Here is the information that you requested:


I have the whole list and e mails of the workers.

I will post the address in a few moments.

CC Tillett

CC Tillett said...

Dear All..

As I promised here is the link:

State of Washington DSHS DCS Email Address book To sign up for our mailing list,

please visit

To sign our petition for shared parenting go to www. ... - 520k - Cached - Similar pages

I knew that I had this.


CC Tillett

Anonymous said...

to poster Anonymos from April 6, 2009 9:39 AM:

Unfortunately, it's all too common that the kid thinks it's their fault, and foster parents let them. We finally won custody of my husband's son from another state's foster care system, and when he got here and started counseling we found out that they'd never told him anything about what was happening (he's 7). He came to us thinking that he was being sent out of state for being "bad" when in reality we'd been fighting to get him for a year. Just another obstacle they left for us.