Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stevens Co. Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen To Attend Hearing...KING 5

Yes, Suzanna Frame of KING5 will be attending the hearing. Good friend, Doug Stuth will be there...And, I will meet Lily's grandmother for the first time.

Tonight I had dinner with Steven's County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen and a number of legislators. Tim will participate in our hearing to be held at high noon in the Cherberg Building.

He made news across the state when he exposed CPS for their wrongdoings in Eastern Washington.

CPS told doctors that a new mother was drug affected. Doctors began medicating the newborn as if it were addicted. Turns out CPS lied about the mother.There had been no drug use. But, nonetheless, the neonate was treated as though it was addicted...the child then became addicted!~ How sick is THAT?

The trying to get this child...ended up addicting it.

High noon...Senate Hearing Rm 1....Cherberg Building...Olympia


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you, Senator. May God richly bless you and all of yours. Tears are in my eyes as I write this. My studies and observations have shown me that your interest in true community service is rare. You are doing a good job.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

Senator Roach,

We did not get to speak today. My advice in not allowing CPS abuses to occur needs to focus on civil rights violations. If you are a new mother or father; how should you be treated? What kind of rights should you have so that your newborn is not snatched from the hospital? What if somebody expresses a concern? As you can see; once CPS takes a hold of a newborn or a child; their prejudices and surface judgements are made on people. As the saying goes you give CPS an inch' they take a foot. Innocent people are dragged through the mud or even have enemies (retaliation) and for what reason? Because we believe in family? What is so wrong with that?? A balance sheet does not make a "good" family; it is a person's character, morals and values.

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach,

Thank you so much for your attention to this matter the laws certainly do need to be changed because CPS & DSHS workers have to much power and do abuse this power.
We are the grandparents of three grandchildren ages 13,11,& 4 1/2,we were blessed to have them in placed in our home 4 1/2 years ago and now because of false accusations against my husband for "alleged physical abuse" CPS has removed all three from our home & placed the two boys with their dad and the youngest with my daughter in Moses Lake which is 5 hours away from us and the two brothers that she grew up with,we had 20 minutes in which to get her ready for them to take her away,we have raised her since she was 3 months old so she is just like our own child.To me this is like "Child Abuse" as we are the only family she has ever known.This is a happy,sweet,friendly,outgoing,& wellajusted child who has needed no counseling and now will require a lot.Her brothers have been in counseling since we have had them and it has not helped them and the oldest has gotten out of hand. We are not allowed to have any contact with the children at all and cannot even ask about them. Our hearts are truly broken and we cry often because of what they are being put through.This is a grave injustice to the children.
We have a letter ,on our behalf of people that know us and the children,with over 300 signatures on it.
Please get a bill in front of legislature as soon as possible as this should not happen to anyone only true abusers. They are allowed to ruin families and lie, be deceitful and outright mean. Please help us and others.

Thank you,
Ken and Betty Lambrecht

Anonymous said...

My Grandson was taken to the PICC Facility in Kent from the hospital.

When I asked to see the drug test results. The Director went to get them -- opened the file and laid her head on the counter!

The tests had been changed from negative to positive! Explain that one!

I really do not know if they medicated him or not. I guess I should find out. He is 7 now and lives with me.