Thursday, April 2, 2009

National Autism Awareness Day In The WA State Senate

To my grandson, Drew.
We all love you very much.
You humble us and make us thankful for our blessings.
Yes, you can be loud at times. We learn to be with you as you are learning to be with us. We will never stop trying.

Today, I introduced a Senate Resolution to mark Autism Awareness Day. As the maker of the resolution I spoke. I talked about my grandson, Drew, and what the signs of autism are. I wanted to let our TVW audience know more in hopes of early intervention for other young children.

A special thanks goes to my colleagues who spoke and the ones who thanked me for my words.It is times like these when any semblance of partisanship is dropped, and I am most proud of the people with whom I serve.

Thank you Senator Karen Keiser (D) 33rd District. As chair of the committee on health care your message was strong and it needed to be heard by the families of those with autism. You are a very important leader in policy decisions.

Thank you Senator Margarita Prentice (D) 11th District. Margarita is the chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee. She is a wonderful person. Part of her character has come from her reaction to her trials. Years ago, when her own son was diagnosed with autism there was not much known about it. As a nurse she struggled to work with her son. Today he still lives with her. Everyday. Everyday she feels the depth of what all families with autism feel. She offered hope in her speech. Thank you so much.

And, thank you, Senator Phil Rockefeller(D) Bremerton. An attorney. There is no one more thoughtful than Phil. What gentle words he had for his granddaughter who suffers from Asperger's syndrome (high end autism).

At the rally in the Rotunda that followed I shared a mike with Rep. Dan Roach and Melanie Roach and many others in our community. Drew was sitting on the granite steps. He played with the same six large Legos that he takes with him where ever he goes.

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