Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Attorney General McKenna Was In The Wings Today...Yes, I Kept My Promise

Today, WA Attorney General Rob McKenna was in the wings...(the area right off the floor of the Senate chambers).

His AG aide, Hunter Goodman, was talking with one of my colleagues.

"Yes." Goodman was telling my colleague about the budget. "The budget will mean 300 people in our office will lose their jobs!" I took that as my cue.

"How would you like to lose a child?"

.........My staff alerted me to the fact they were coming so I was ready. I handed him a picture of the awards Lilly's grandmother had received. "Your attorney is painting this good woman as someone who is a thief. I corrected this with CPS and yet this lie is still on the judge's desk."

Hunter took the pictures. Took the case number. Took a phone number.

He quickly took notes as I was reminding him of the Stuth Case. He did say he would follow up. Yes, I told him a few other things...and then went to vote. It all took three minutes.


Anonymous said...

I so admire you...I hope they all understand you will not give up. Perhaps that one line "How would you like to lose a child?" will make them think, and become a serious question and thought every second of their life. Doesn't Rob have children also?

Bari Willard said...

You will never know the courage you and Lily have given me day by day to go thru this ordeal. I am at school waiting for my preschoolers to come running in... knowing Lily will not be one of them. I will keep fighting to the die I day for her and ALL CHILDREN, FAMILIES and GRANDPARENTS.

CherryBlossomGirl said...

Bravo. I'm so glad the people in your state have you as an advocate. You do them and all of mankind proud with your ways. Thank you.