Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Governor Making Changes At DSHS

I was talking with a very credible person within the governor's office this afternoon.

WA State, like others, is up to its neck in budget woes but our governor is also working hard to make some changes at DSHS. There is some notion of breaking up the huge bureaucracy. Right now there are only rumors but I did learn that it is the budget and CPS that are occupying the governor. I don't think she will mind saying this. In fact, with the public relations nightmare this agency has been I believe it is to the governor's advantage to let out information that she is going to address the department. Senator Jim Hargrove, chair of the Senate Human Services and Corrections Committee, has been working with the new plan.

Watch for a division in the department and an announcement of a couple of new people at the top. I think Randy Hart will be out. He is clearly part of the problem and does not have what it takes to "change the culture" of this accumulation of cyborg clones. The current top is the problem.

The governor's office agrees that DSHS needs to follow the law and place first with families. Etc. That my friends is the official word.

At the end of the conversation I offered to join the administration and help. that won't happen.


CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

I will not be holding my breath waiting for our GUV to make any substantial changes regarding DSHS.

However, I will be waiting for her actions..for they will speak louder than any words she could ever speak.

CC Tillett

Anonymous said...

So its more smoke and mirrors..I won't believe our governor is hard at work on cps except maybe a way to fool the pubic into thinking she has done some monumental task and has "fixed" the problem. I believe she is looking to the future and is working on her image if anything.

infinite freedom said...

The need to serve the bureaucracy is what she is. Citizens rarely get attention in her agenda. But I say that only because when I told her that the social workers had placed a child with a violently abusive drug and alcohol addict, she had a social worker call me to tell me that I should have gone to court. I did go to court, to watch them lie, and cover up abuse! Bottom line, her personality is that of one who believes that the system works. If it is a money thing, I would say that she would only cut services to families, and protect the salaries and benefits of her social workers.

I honestly don't think she sees anything wrong with the way the system works today. And that is sad, for the children of Washington State.

Anonymous said...

Our governor has received many letters from me stating that our family should stay together. What I received was a call from Olympia DSHS saying, "Don't you think younger couples should raise a baby?" Don't you think you should take advantage of your "golden years?" Hey 50 something isn't dead! That shouldn't stop me from raising my granddaughter's sister, especially when she is living with me. They were together, happy together, but CPS wanted the baby and they got her. Yes, the state will get the "incentive' to foster-adopt and the children will suffer as they are now "separated." I will be shocked if our governor changes anything to keep family's together.