Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring And The Depression...You See It In The Animals

We live on a small farm and when spring comes you don't need a calendar.

Two weeks ago when I shut down the car and opened it's door...I heard the birds. And, they were chirping again in the morning as I left.

Yesterday, the frogs were croaking loudly from the pond though it was bone cold here and snowing enough to close Snoqualmie Pass.

It happens like clock work. There is a sound and smell and hope of spring. There is an awakening set to an eternal clock.


During the Great Depression veterinarians were working. People valued their house pets. Maybe people are different now. Or, maybe the very poor never did take their pets to a vet in the 30's.

Now, people come to the countryside to dump their cats. We have been feeding a stray that came by. (I write this with some trepidation. King County might say it is mine. I will say it is a stray. I will say "take it then" and then they will kill it!)

Two weeks ago another stray came by. The two cats fought over the bowl of food on the porch so we put out another bowl. (This was against my husband's advice...I think he said this more than once :o) This week two more cats wandered to the porch.

Theses are all tamed household pets. They cry for food. They are being dumped in the countryside to fend for themselves. These cats better know how to catch mice! (Not to worry, the first stray took down a rabbit! He/She? has claws.)

Spring and the know them by watching the animals, human or otherwise.


cc tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

I will re-habilitate these stray kitties..Have done so before..Just hate it when people do that to their animals..

I just pray they do not do the same thing to their children..

Let me know..when and where I might pick them up..

CC Tillett

Anonymous said...

There was a Senator who lived on a farm
She had two kitties but a hundreds a charm
They grew and they multiplied all coming from afar
Until her husband ran out the door and to the car
Yelling, "Oh I don't think so," with a hardy, har har

Did that slow her down? No not one bit
She just added to the chaos with more kittens and chicks
But then a fine offer came after a bit
From the infamous, fabulous, bodacious Ms Tillet
Who saved them all while having a fit and thats it.

infinite freedom said...

We have both lost our jobs recently. We have plenty of money though. Sometimes, I forget how lucky we are. We have two of everything. We never want.

I am only sorry that Dylan lost what we could have shared with him.

For us, it is a different kind of depression. We could have saved his life, but instead, the state makes us watch him suffer and slowly die. I honestly don't understand how the world could ever be so cruel, to such an innocent child.