Monday, March 30, 2009

Notes From The Editor #3

Dear Readers,

Just a few notes.

* I have received a message from "DSHS Person X." She tells me I edited her comment. No. I did not. I swept the copy and pasted it right in the blog. In her new message she says I don't know anything. Well, I have the picture of the blisters on Lilly's bottom, Ms. X. I really don't think I have to say much more...

* Mr. Wilson is apparently back from the hospital and making appointments again. He has set a date to meet with my aide this week. Six months has gone by since the foster woman in the Stuth Case demanded that the Senate Ethics Committee make me shut down this blog. (That, of course, was before she lost her license.) Mr. Wilson is tasked with finding arguments for the Senate Ethics Committee as to why I should be punished for...I am not sure. There are no RCW's prohibiting my free speech!

* Sen. Karen Keiser also has a blog. (Mine was first...I am a trend setter you know.) She ragged on the Building Association of WA in hers. The difference between hers and mine? Keiser's is written by Senate staff on government time!

* Many of you have asked about the rag top. I am waiting for the weather to break! it drives so nice...I am depriving myself...maybe this week!

* Several readers have asked about forming a new group. There are wonderful leaders working hard right now. I would like to support them and help them build their numbers. Please...leaders...send me your contact info and I will publish it so people can reach you.

1 comment:

infinite freedom said...

We all know that these people lie about everything. But right here on the blog? This shows that this DSHS Person X is so accustomed to lying and getting away with it that she did not even care where the story would be told or to whom she was telling it.

I can tell you how to tell if a social worker is lying. If they are talking, they are lying. They would fight with you all day and night about it too. There must be some way to get these people to see how abusive they are. My guess is we keep talking about it, and one day someone will stop them.

Mr Wilson Mr Smilson!

& I will check out Sen Keiser, but you don't want to know what I think about dems. They are unhealthy, & let's just leave it at that.