Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mr. Wilson Goes To The Hospital

Investigator Wilson has had a mysterious accident/disease/self-induced malady/ or activated birth defect. No one seems to know when he will finish up his work. This is month number six. Certainly, we all wish him well. Hopefully, when he returns he will be cured of leading witnesses.

Best Wishes,


Anonymous said...

Maybe he's got a bad case of the " name is in the blog!" Pretty bad syndrome I've noticed. They all walk away with their heads hung and name posted for the public to see.Oh well, I'm sure he has another victim to haunt since there's nothing on you.

CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

'Tis a shame that some people get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

infinite freedom said...

Lets hope he has come down with a serious case of conscience! And lets hope that it is highly contagious!