Friday, March 20, 2009

Senator Roach To Speak About CPS Abuses

At the suggestion of a reader I just may video the speech I have been asked to give. Yes, I would then post it on YOUTube.

Subject: CPS Abuse In WA State. The subject is pretty depressing but I will start by showing the KING5 coverage and the happy ending of the Stuth Case. I know the subject so well now that there will be only the shortening of what I want to say. No lack of subject matter!!!!!


Anonymous said...

There are many others that will post your coverage. You have gone nationwide, even reaching to other Countries...don't stop at YOUTube.

Feminist Martron said...

I seriously think you and I would need a month retreat somewhere, where there would be no distraction to get what all we want to say out of our systems. Who am I trying to kid here, running out of things to say will never happen!

Cool, thank you for listening. You go get them, Lady! I am going to be so anxious for you to do this. When you are done with it and I get to embed it on my Wordpress blog, it will be my turn.

So, when are we going to go after the Court Appointed Child Abusers (Guardian Ad-Litem). They are in the same bed as CPS, with greed and power being their pleasure.

But, of course it doesn't stop at those two. There's the corrupted Judges, lawyers and Law Enforcement doing their part to keep us dysfunctional teams of parents dysfunctional.

Wait, there's more. The kids. Poor kids are so whacked out now, now that they have been ripped away from their protective parent and placed with abusers and child molesters...that they need therapists.

Hm, therapist that give a distressed child an ink-blot test and say, this child's in need of CPS intervention, there's abuse going on here.

Then, we come back to the CPS issue, as in the case of the poor Stuth family. CPS places the already mentally and emotionally damaged kids into Foster Care just to come back to REAL FAMILY in the end. They are all corrupted morons with only greed in their minds! This is like a ride on a mobeus loop from Hell, ain't it?

Where were we? Oh yeah, I will be looking forward to your debut on Youtube. Congratulations Senator Roach!

Anonymous said...

THERAPISTS. That work with CPS are just as BAD.NO there sicker there out for $$$.They say any thing to keep a child in foster care. I’ve never seen so many people in one agency lie. Time for all to go to prison. Its time . Lets stop them.

Feminist Martron said...


Get this! The last time I contacted CPS to intervene for the safety and welfare of my sons, I told them how their father and his wife are abusing my sons religiously.

I explained to the social worker how my sons have told me that on several occasions that they were told by their dad and his wife, that because I do not believe in the same God they do, that I am for evil. And, that God hates evil and says people who love evil are evil. Then, they tell my sons the God throws evil people into hell and they can't die, so they feel the fire burn them forever. And, that because I am evil I will be punished in hell forever.

Then, they tell my sons that their God is good and that because they believe in their good God that they are good. They are then told that their God loves goodness and that people who loves goodness are good. Then, they are told that God will let them go to heaven and live forever safe and loved.

Then, I went further to tell the social worker that my sons told me that they are constantly being drilled, "Are you for evil like your mother or for good like us? You have to choose if you want hell and burn forever like your mother or heaven like us and be safe and loved forever."

And, I told the social worker how my sons told me how much this scares them and how it confuses them, because they feel that if they are to say they are for good that they would feel guilty for saying that because they love me...but they also say they feel that if they say they don't want to choose because they love me, they will be punished.

Guess what? This did not rise any level of concern in this social worker. In fact, she told me that the reason why my sons were having such a struggle with what their dad and his wife were doing, was a mirror reflection of my own insecurities that feel threatened by their dad's and his wife's opinions about my spiritual beliefs!!!!!!!! Can you believe this?????

No matter how much I tried to convince this woman that I had no problem with the choice of God that their dad and his wife has...that my only problem was with how they used their religion as a weapon to destroy the relationship between me and my sons...and that it was dangerously damaging my sons emotionally and psychologically, she would not listen or respond to that.

Instead, I got offered a referral to a therapist that could "help" me cope with my struggle to work through my conflict with their dad's and his wife's choice of spiritual upbringing. I wanted to scream, "YOU STUPID MORON (my favorite name to call these people anymore) IT IS HIM AND HIS WIFE THAT HAS A CONFLICT WITH MY CHOICE OF SPIRITUAL UPBRINGING!!!"

But, I had to do all I could do to restrain myself from yelling at her. That experience made pounding my head against a brick wall till it bled sound much easier and better to do. SICK SICK SICK!

Yeah....time for a clean sweep through all of these corrupt and insane people....and either throw them into prison or lock them up in an asylum after they have a lobotomy...either way it's time to rid our citizens of these parasites.