Sunday, March 8, 2009

PPR Reader Comment Sums It Up Pretty Well

The following is a very succinct listing that comes to us via Jan Smith of Washington Families United. Thank you, Jan.

We have a real problem here in the State of Washington which displays an extreme resistance to holding DSHS accountable in every respect. Here are some of the concerns:

1. No investigation of foster care abuse
2. Constant screening out of potential relatives for placement
3. Many children killed under their watch in the last two years (158)
4. Resistance to providing case file materials and UA results so that people can defend themselves
5. A governor who is both a former AG and CPS worker who will not listen to complaints
6. A department who is legally mandated to improve services but publicly states that they will not seek certification so they don't have to
7. Two thirds of all removals are unsubstantiated according to a recent Ombudsman report
8. "Trials" held in an adult child's courtroom process against relatives when they are not a party to the case regarding placement so they cannot defend themselves
9. A resistance to developing a Citizen's Review Board
10. A failure in documentation integrity (lies on paper and in the court room)
11. Unequal representation in termination trials
12. A resistance to experts for the defense in trials both in practice and local judicial rules
13. Not following Constitutional authority when removing children (no warrant)
14. Resistance in allowing defense materials and hearsay but will allow on prosecution side

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infinite freedom said...

Thank God for Jan Smith!! Keep fighting Jan! Keep fighting Senator Roach!! We have to keep telling people. We have got to make them understand.

This is real.

All of the corruption and fraud that I try to tell my legislature about. It is real.

They did put my son with a violently abusive drug addict. And they refuse him the right to see his family. Social workers are the ones who put our children in harms way. And that is real.

They can not prove otherwise. Their defense is to avoid the questions. That proves guilt.

It can only get worse, if we can't even get a citizens oversight committee, what can we get??

It is a forced welfare state. And the price we pay, is our childrens lives. The additional price is that we have to watch our children suffer and die.

What will it take before the social workers stop hurting our children?? Tell me what.