Sunday, March 1, 2009

Phone Call From Germany And Sunday Dinner Made My Day

Captain John made the call...but it was Sadie who did the talking.

"Hi, Grandma. I can speak German!" She can say, "yes", "no," and "lettuce." Then for 10 minutes I talked with my almost 4 year-old granddaughter, in English :o), who will be in Germany for the next three years.

She has already been to Luxembourg and to a castle there. But, alas, there was no princess! She informed me the princess is in England and she will need to go to the castle there.

The military can call the United States for free. I don't know what that program is but we are grateful for it. I will be there fairly soon and will post pictures of my trip. John will be in Qatar and not with his family for the birth of #3. I look forward to helping after the birth.

So...Sunday was a lucky was a very welcomed call. And, I was in for some stove time... chicken strips, baked fries, sugarless jello with strawberries, green beans, and brownies...A KIDS MEAL!!!!! Served right here for Lindsay (5), Samantha (3), and Davis (1)...oh yes...and their parents.


infinite freedom said...

This is what life is about, Senator. Family should be considered sacred. Because without it, we are but an empty shell.

But for victims of this child welfare system, we are too devistated to remember the times we had once cherished. For we are grief stricken.

No one deserves the insanity of what families suffer this day.

A relationship between a parent and a child should never have been treated like so much trash.

I pray to remember, and someday be allowed to live once again as families.

Anonymous said...

And, of course, Sadie loved talking with Grandma Roach. We look forward to your visit to Germany!