Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update: The Stuths, The Court, And KING5 TV
(Please Cut and Paste KING 5 Video)

Yesterday, February 27, 2009, the court terminated the parental rights of the Stuth's daughter. This is a necessary step in order for the Stuths to adopt their sweet little granddaughter who had been in a miserable "foster-adopt" home for 17 months of neglect.

The attorney general's office has had a total change of attitude. Remember, these are the same people who repeatedly argued before the judge that the Stuth's were unqualified. These are the same people who withheld from the judge that there was an aunt and uncle who had passed an in home study and were desperate to keep their niece in the family. This is the same arm of Washington State government that failed to mention to Judge Kessler that the Stuth's granddaughter had been removed from the foster woman for cause!!!! And then argued... knowing the removal had occurred...that the three year old STILL be placed with the evil foster woman!

Thankfully, when Judge Kessler found out the foster woman had lost the two toddlers in her care he was equally angry about the deciet!

" matter." Right? The state vilifies a very decent Enumclaw Plateau couple...causes them to go through hell as they watch little "Lisa" deteriorate before their eyes...costs them tens of thousands of dollars...and almost succeeds in stealing their grandchild. "By gones be by gones."

"By gones be by gones?" That is what the AG's office wants. The AGs will make nice with the press and have a conscience as long as KING5 and Susannah Frame are watching.

And, they are watching.

What about all the other families that the state vilifies...lies about...and successfully steals their children as they tried so hard to do with the Stuths?

I am willing to say this...knowing that Mr. Wilson, a former AG employee, is interviewing these same AG's involved with the Stuth case. Yes...the same honest people who withheld information and bore false witness before a judge will be talking about me! Mr. Wilson...I don't lie. And, certainly I have never lied before a judge.


infinite freedom said...

I have never lied before a judge either. What is the horrific reality of these cases is, we make ourselves look bad for telling the truth.

& now the poor judges are victim. Because they are so accustomed to the seemingly real families inability to care for children, that they automatically side with the state. I always thought that it was simpathy for their shared boss (the state). Now, it seems, it's more than that.

It seems insidious to us how these judges could do this. What a horror for the families in Washington state. No wonder the HB1961.

Boy are the judges going to be mad when they find out what the social workers have been doing all of these years.

& boy am I going to be happy when I can just tell the truth & not get a child crucified for it.

Things are begining to get better Senator. And every day, more and more join in the fight. Someday, justice for the children will come.

God keep my Dylan until then.

Anonymous said...

I have four grandparent and extended family training videos regarding CPS on youtube that can be accessed from my website, They may be a little dry but informative especially for those new in the system.
Jan Smith